[OBSOLETE] bleBox Device integration

Initial Release bleBox Device Integration

I am please to offer the initial release, version 1.0, of the bleBox Device Integration including an Application and Drivers (for 9 devices). The code and installation instructions may be found at:

Installation: Instructions; including url links for import function, are at:


  1. MarioHudds (Mariusz) for his assistance, prodding, and provision of devices.
  2. bleBox for their open API, API documentation and techincal Support.

About these devices:
bleBox is a series of switches and other WiFi Smart Home devices that provide a range of both standard and unique functionality. Although not widely used in the US, they have a strong presence in some EU countries. This integration supports the following devices:

  • airSensor: an air quality sensor measuring particulate matter.
  • dimmerBox: an in-line control of single dimming device.
  • doorBox: a device that controls a door magnetic lock and can read (with reed sensors) door position.
  • gateBox: Can control garage doors, gates, and other pulse-driven devices. With appropriate switches (reed), an determine position of the gate/door.
  • shutterBox: control of window shades and shutters; including tilt control for devices supporting both up/down and tilt.
  • switchBox: a in-line device with a single on/off relay.
  • switchBoxD: a in-line deice with dual on/off relays.
  • tempSensor: a temperature measurement probe.
  • wLightBox: small, in-line controller of RGBW, RGB, and mono led strings.
  • wLightBoxS: small in-line controller of a single mono led string.

All devices and the app have undergone testing in Hubitat Enviroment by myself except dimmerBox (collaborative testing with another user.


BleBox devices are manufactured in EU and fully with ‘made in EU’ parts so they are really safe. Not as cheap as devs from far far away but one of the safest out there. Hence 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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First, I would like to thank you @Gutheinz for uploading this integration. Its amazing.
I’ve added integration for shutterbox and dimmer box.
My shutterboxes are working fine, but there is still some room for making them work better if possible.
There is a problem with dimmerbox. I added it, it is available on Smartthings app and on My Devices list but there is no response from device. Nothing happens if I try to turn the lamp on or off. Do you have any suggestions guys?

I will look into this next week. dave

Is there anyone who could update this integration??

Exactly what are you looking for?

I have a problem with switchBox v3 wlightbox v2 Doesn’t work with smartthings.

I need you to turn on debug logging on the driver’s edit page so that I can see the log entry from line 121. Code works in Hubitat on the V1 switch.

I am rewriting the code in Hubitat to reflect the bleBox software updates and will extend the changes to Smart Things (untested since I no longer have a hub).

When I want to turn it on in the application, it appears in the log.

and this is in wlightbox

The application is not getting or reading the device state.

It is getting the state message in the new blebox API format. The code is the original (when I developed) format. The fixes I do in Hubitat should transfer directly to the SmartThings code (it is at the message level). What happened:
Original message for the SwitchBox was for a single switch. New format allows multiple switches which puts the original switch in an array. Easy to fix - but now I have to account for both formats (people who have old and new API levels in their devices).

It will take me some time. (I am undergoing some medical issues at this time. Not critical, just distracting.) I apologize in advance for the delay and I thank you in advance for you assistance in verifying the solution when complete.

Current Hubitat status: I have updated the Hubitat app to account for multiple API formats and identified the general design changes in the 12 drivers. I will start driver modifications this next week. Then I have to set up the test-bed and test the devices I have against the latest API versions, load to gitHub, and allow users to comment.

Four items.

Update: I have updated the drivers for all blebox devices to version 2.0. This should carry through the sunset of the IDE devices and apps within the next six months. Link: GitHub - DaveGut/bleBox-SmartThings

switchBox issue: This should be corrected by the update.

wLightBox issue. Your wlightbox problem looks like you did not install a CHILD device which is required for the system to operate. There are four children depending on how you have set up the device. See the instructions.

Sunset of the IDE. When the IDE sunsets, these device integrations will no longer work. Samsung wants the developers to modify the method of providing the service without using the IDE Being an individual, I will not offer this service (and I do not have the skill to set this up). The best current alternative for blebox devices (and tpLink) is to go to Hubitat where the device code is executed on the user-owned hub. There are other alternatives available, but they may not currenty have blebox integrations.

Regards. It has been a pleasure serving the SmartThing community.

Dave Gutheinz

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Hello. Thank you for your work.
Unfortunately it does not work. Is the app also updated ??

The app did not need updating for any of these devices.

I just replaced the driver hard-coding the new version api call. Those with the old version will just have to update their device api through the blebox app.

Update and try again.

Unfortunately, after the update, no devices work: tempsensor, switchbox, dimmerbox, wlightbox. They all have the latest api

Luckily, I pulled the published version from github before updating.

I have reverted gitHub back to the previous version then updated the switchBox driver to fix (I think) your issue. All drivers, except for Switch Box, are what were on GitHub before yesterday.

This is what I hate about not being able to test before publishing.

Update: I found the common (idiotic) error in all the drivers and will have all updated in 30 minutes. Error was using log.warning vice log.warn for a warning message.

switchbox works thank you :slight_smile: but wlightbox still doesn’t

Looks like you are trying to add devices and the wLightBox is looking for it’s child device drivers. It needs children based on the configuration of the physical device. The errors are in the middle of the add device sequence.

(This works in Hubitat and worked in SmartThings when I coded it. Last tested in Hubitat today with same algorithms.

Update. I need to research. Two things are missing in the lowest command - channel and transition time that is present in the child. Why I do not know.

  1. A data value was no passed to the child on it’s creation
  2. A state was not created during the update process.

These are both in the code, but did not get executed. This sometimes happens when a hub is very busy doing other things. I might suggest you uninstall the wlightbox and try again - sending me the logs for both the wlight box and the child.