[OBSOLETE] BigTalker 2.x

Thank you @rayzurbock for your advise. I will check with the developer of the DLNA developer. I believe you have already been working with the Generic Media Renderer developer @ule to integrate BigTalker with his device type handler. I also saw a post from you on having a Raspberry PI as a DLNA rederer used in conjunction with Big Talker. Just for an FYI, here is the list of events from the log… Let me know if you see any thing suspicious that I can dig deeper…


3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP| [TV]Samsung Plasma Speaker | cT=null | cS<>playing | Sending playTrackAndRestore() | CVol=18 | SVol=75
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] Sending playTrackandRestore() 8
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP| [TV]Samsung Plasma Speaker | (2) Current Status: no_media_present.
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP| [TV]Samsung Plasma Speaker | Volume: 18, Desired Volume: 75
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP| Last poll: 3:55:55 pm
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP| Resume is desired
3:56:17 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.1) || [PARENT] TALK(Talking Events.motion)|mP@|75 >> front door bell is now active
3:56:17 PM: debug getMyVoice: settings.parent.speechVoice=Salli(en-us)
3:56:17 PM: debug getMyVoice: deviceVoice=null
3:56:17 PM: info SHM isActiveSensor(motion:active, app: off, location: off) = false, locationId: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3:56:17 PM: debug motionOrContactHandler(Front Door Bell motion:active)
3:56:17 PM: debug Sending push
3:56:17 PM: debug motion:active, pushAndPhone:null, '{{ triggerEvent.descriptionText }}'
3:56:17 PM: debug Notify got evt physicalgraph.app.EventWrapper@51005b0c
3:56:17 PM: debug [SM] vendorMessage() - Motion Event Received for Front Door Bell.
3:56:17 PM: debug [SM] vendorMessage() - Event Type=new-motion
3:56:17 PM: debug [SM] vendorMessage() - Incoming message from Ring. Processing message.
3:56:17 PM: trace [SM] Executing 'vendorMessage()'
3:56:17 PM: trace [DTH] Exectuting handleMotionEvent()

Pro Tip: When pasting logs/code, etc, highlight all of it and press the </> button just above the edit box. It makes it nice and pretty. :slight_smile:

I see the BigTalker sent the phrase to your speaker device ([TV]Samsung Plasma Speaker) using playTrackAndRestore(). At this point it has left BigTalker and been handed over to the device handler (Generic Media Renderer). You’ll need to check logs for that (work with @ule or check his community thread for troubleshooting tips). I’m not familiar with the smart TV’s but perhaps they have some sort of logging mechanism where you can check logs there as well to see if it’s getting a play request sent from the Generic Media Renderer or if it’s throwing some sort of error.

Download an app such as BubbleUPnP and see if you can send audio to your TV without involving SmartThings at all.

Last but not least, I recommend upgrading your BigTalker from Parent and Child app code from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. I had some bugs in code earlier than 2.0.2 (see post #40 above).
See the Installation section here (just overwrite your code with the latest or use GitHub Integration and check for updates or setup and use the “Community Installer”).

Thank you Brian for the update. I already updated my code to your latest
version… I will check with Bubble UPNP and let u know the findings. I am
confident that I can play to my TV or my TV can play media over network (it
finds the network devices). I have iPhone and do you suggest any app
recommended to test this


Brian - I believe I found a bug. BigTalker does not keep your default voice or even voice override for SHM. Seems to be the default Sali. We love our British Butler Brian but get taking off guard each time we arm/disarm the house and suddenly Maid Sali speaks. :wink:


I’ll take a look at it after work. Thanks for the entertaining report. :smile:

BigTalker2 2.0.3 has been released to GitHub (and the Community SmartApp Installer).

  • Added ability to select day of week restrictions for events
  • Corrected issue with SHM voice (you will need to re-save your desired voice for SHM events). Thanks for the report @prayerfuldrop

Now nothing announces when SHM changes. :frowning:

@rayzurbock I’m looking for some thoughts on an issue I have. Currently have v1 installed and before I move to v2, I didn’t know if there was a thought on how to get around this.

We do have door openings triggering BigTalker to read what opens or closes. Another thing we did was set it up so if the alarm is triggered via SHM, dogs start barking. The issue here is, if the front door (for example) is opened as a forced entry, the dogs will never bark as I believe “Front Door Opened” interrupts the dogs from barking. Is there a way to only get it to tell me door opening/closings based on location mode? For example if I’m away or if it’s night time, I don’t care about getting alerts of door openings. I only care about this if I am home, and SHM is set to disarm/location mode @ home.


I’ve looked over that section of the code and I do not see any glaring issues. Can you turn on Debug Logging (if you have it off) at the bottom of the Configure Defaults page, then login to the IDE > Live Logging ( https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs )
I would need to see the logs from the name of your BigTalker group when an SHM event occurs but doesn’t speak when expected.



I went ahead and completely uninstalled BigTalker2, went into IDE saved both parent/child and also republished parent. App show 2.0.3. Nothing happens when activating and deactivating SHM.

66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:15 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] Rescheduling Poll
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:15 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] dopoll - polled devices: |Samsung M3|
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:15 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] dopoll(Samsung M3)cS=stopped,cT=null,cV=18
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:15 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] dopoll(Samsung M3) Polling
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:15 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] Polling speech device(s) for latest status
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:04 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] install state=COMPLETE.
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:05:04 PM: debug BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [PARENT] checkConfig() returning TRUE ()
66c75b5e-32fa-4d2b-81ee-25cfca10f886  1:02:48 PM: trace BIGTALKER2(P2.0.3) || [CHILD:SHM] Installed

@rayzurbock Just went to upgrade from your first version. Everything has installed correctly, but when i go to ADD EVENT GROUP, i get an error and i cannot add and event group. I’m i doing something wrong? I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Thank you!

Disregard… I got it going!! Thank you!


@prayerfuldrop in the log posted, I do not see an SHM status change being sent to BigTalker for processing.
Did you monitor/capture this log while arming/disarming SHM?

I sure did sir!

I have a feeling there is something funky going on with SmartThings right now. I tried to go into the IDE to look / test code but I keep getting the 500 Internal Server Error… Maybe it’ll work again when this is resolved

(EDIT: I think I have found the issue, Day restriction isn’t being calculated correctly with SHM event’s. I’ll resolve once I can get back into the IDE to edit and test.)


LOL… And they just issued an alert.


I am having the same issue here. But its with BigTalker 2 parent and child apps along with some others. Not every smartapp when i try to edit gives this error. Strange. When I click few smartapps I am able to edit them.

IDE is working again so I was able to test the patch for the SHM issue.
2.0.4 has been released to resolve the SHM issue.

Is there a way to add a sound (like a ding or a short alert tone) before speech? For two reasons, one is that it would be much cooler to have an alert sound before speech, and also as others have mentioned the first part of the the speech I’m setting is getting cut off (likely from my speakers taking time to start, …I’m using Bose)


Good news and bad news.

Good News:

  • SHM is working again!
  • SHM using Voice overrides work! Brian our British Butler is announcing wonderfully!

Bad News:

  • SHM does not use global default voice. Hence Good News #2 but really bad news as another bug

Great job btw!

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