[OBSOLETE] Bidgely power usage upload SmartApp

Does the smartapp send the additive result to bidgely and do you see it on the bidgely dashboard?

I have added 2 HEM to the bidgely smartapp under ‘‘House Power Meters’’, however on the bidgely dashboard online I only see the reading of the highest one.

When I test individually they work, but together only the highest one is being read by bidgely.

Am I doing something wrong? I was thinking maybe the ‘‘upload after this many events’’ can impact the reading?
I have set it to 1, also I have set the HEM to read the power every 1 second.

Thank you for your help in advance

When I register on the bidgely site, it asks me to select a power meter… I select bidgely API, then click “I have this monitor”

It then says, loading, please wait… and returns me to the same page of step 1 “select your power monitor”

Keeps doing this in an endless loop…

Anyone else seen the same behaviour?

For those getting the ‘no signature of method error’, I changed the circuitPowerEvent to this

def circuitPowerEvent(evt) {
sendEvent(evt, 10)// { it.toString() }


Not sure what the it.toString() did. It’s quite possible I broke it… but no errors after commenting it out. I also noticed while logging that there was a lot of spam if the ‘number of events’ was set too low… so I increased mine to 100.

Has anyone gotten Bidgely to detect the different appliances?

I’ve had this connected for over a year and mine has never shown any breakdown.

No, not really. I personally don’t think their algorithm works to isolate devices on the network.

Got this today from Bidgely

Thank you for being an early adopter of Bidgely. We appreciate your support!

During the last couple of years we have been working directly with utilities around the world to offer Bidgely’s services to their customers and have seen tremendous growth. As such, we will be focusing on projects run in conjunction with our utility partners, and will be closing down our direct-to-consumer services.

That means as of December 31, 2016, you will no longer be able to access the web app or the Bidgely mobile app (iOS / Android).

But your utility may already be working with Bidgely — check with them!

For more information on a different cloud service to use with your device, please contact your device manufacturer directly.

Efergy info.usa@efergy.com
Blueline EnergyCloud®
TED info@theenergydetective.com
Rainforest https://rainforestautomation.com/communication-center/
Wattvision info@wattvision.com
YouLess Contact formulier - Youless
digitalStrom info@digitalstrom.com
Digi Contact Us | Digi International
CurrentCost Current Cost - Reducing your energy bills so you can live a greener life!
Thank you for being a Bidgely user. If you enjoyed using Bidgely, contact your utility company and let them know!

Bidgely Team

Well the smart app and web app are still working for me.

Hi guys,

does anyone know if i can connect (and how) a youless power meter using bigpunk6’s device handler? Would highly appreciate. thanks.