[OBSOLETE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

I just installed Blue Iris Fusion, primarily to use Smartthings modes to change Blue Iris profiles. Since Blue Iris 5.0 has been released its geofencing feature fails 100% of the time. Blue Iris Fusion has completely solved that issue for me and is working flawlessly. That being said, I am getting a ton of these error messages is spite of everything working perfectly. What could be causing these messages?


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I have changed the “Custom Health Monitor, max server response time” from the default of 5 seconds to 10 seconds and so far so good. I’ll report back after more time passes.

Anyone able to help?

I finally got around to installing BI Fusion, I followed the steps, when I click “My Home” on ST app I see five cameras, which match what I have installed. However, they are all titled “BI Cam - null” and when I click on them I get a message stating “camera cannot be found. We are trying to connect.” Can anyone help fix? Thanks!

I have two blue iris fusion - triggers in my smartapps section. How do I delete them? When I go into the app I get the message “something went wrong” so how do I delete one of them?

I got the Camera motion working before in BI Fusion/Smartthings, but I can’t seem to get it working again now that I have upgraded to Blue Iris 5. Has anyone else got it working in BI5?

Can anyone tell me if this works with the new app and if it does show me what it looks like.
Before I spend the time setting this up I’d like to make sure it fits my needs.

Is anyone still providing assistance with this…there has been no assistance since the end of October.

If your still trying to delete the app you should be able to do it from the IDE.

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I had the same problem after the update, but I changed the web servers port in BI5 and it stopped working, changed it back ti the port I used in BI4 and it worked again.

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@JMZ in your OP, you wrote:

No image capture due to the way BI Fusion builds all the capabilities into one set of smartapps and DTHs. I strongly encourage you to use the Blue Iris Mobile apps for video and image viewing.

Have you reconsidered this recently? It seems per the post here How To, Get latest snapshots of detected motion from Blue Iris as a URL that there is an image available when BI detects motion.

Seems like it would be a good opportunity to post motion images to the Carousel on the camera DTH device page??

Update: seems to be a problem with the Android App (I noticed today that I was not getting a number of app images/icons). I tried on a tablet, and BI Fusion video works fine.

Has anyone noticed that the ST Classic App crashes when you try to pull up a BI Fusion camera feed?

Been using this since the start and have lived with the notifications but would like to stop them. I’ve upped the health monitor timeout to 60 but still get them frequently. Using a local IP. Has upping them stopped them for you?

No I still get them.

I haven’t had any time lately to play with SmartThings. I’ll try to catch any questions that haven’t been answered:

@kramttocs and @ImStillMe - I haven’t been able to get the zillion notifications either. I just turned off notifications for errors in BI Fusion. When I get some time I’ll try to figure out a better way to process them. I think the issue comes down to ST processing time, and occasionally the HTTP traffic gets dropped, I’d rather it didn’t notify right away. Some kind of threshold of errors before it calls it actually offline would be better.

@glenmm If the app is now crashing when pulling a camera feed, I might have to just remove the feed altogether. As far as I know, ST still hasn’t published any docs on how to use it, and I only left it in there because a couple people said it worked. I’ve never had any luck with it. I replied to your PM about the image possiblity. I can check on that.

@Qvae Did you figure it out? Did you mean you have triggers installed as smartapps outside of the BI Fusion parent app? That shouldn’t be possible, but you should be able to delete them via the IDE. If you mean you have triggers inside the parent app that you want to remove, and the “remove” button at the bottom of their configuration doesn’t work, try deselecting the camera first, and then hit remove. Just make sure you’re clicking into each trigger’s configuration, and using the remove button there. Not the remove button at the bottom of the main BI Fusion setup page.

@mvevitsis It does work with the new app, but you have to install and manage it from the classic app. I’ve had some reports of managing it in the new app not working for everything. Here’s some pics:

@mod220 Did you enter all the camera short names on the BI Fusion > Blue Iris Camera Installation setup page? Once you select that you want to install cameras, scroll down and type in the number of cameras, inputs for the display name and short name will appear below that. The shortname is the short name you gave the camera in Blue Iris, and has to be copied exactly (case sensitive) because it is used in the http requests that ST uses to communicate with Blue Iris.

@Alexander_Cho I looks like it moved in BI version 5. Now in the the main “Alerts” tab for each camera’s settings, there is a “Minimum time between alerts” setting you can enable. I haven’t played with it, but it seems to be the same thing.

Hope I got them all, if not, lemme know. Thanks @Terk for helping folks out in my absence!

Hey Guys - JMZ,

Appreciate you writing this. I am having problems getting the motion alerts setup. I took a screenshot of the URLs from the app on my phone and modified them according to the short name I have set in BI. The cameras are now devices in my smarthings app. I can sort of interact with them. For example, if I press the record button from the device within the smarthings app, I get a motion alert gets triggered from the BI Android app. So I know Fusion can talk to the cameras because I am getting that feedback. When I look at the history for the cameras in the smartthings app, the only motion triggers are the ones I am manually triggering from within the smartthings app. I do not have any motion history from native motion alerts BI triggers. I am using BI 5. Any help would be greatyly appreciated .

Hey welcome. Sounds like you got most of the battle complete. It looks like something is awry in your alerts setup in Blue Iris. Triple check the URLs, you can also open the IDE on you Blue Iris computer so you can copy and paste. Check the https vs http as well. Finally check the alert settings to make sure each profile you care about is actually sending the alert message.

Alright, I got myself into a mess. I tried to remove the smartapp and start over because I initially installed the smart app many of months ago before I was really ready to get started. I got some of it removed but can’t remove the Blue Iris fusion app (was able to remove the trigger app), I am getting an error"This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users". I have read elsewhere I might have to contact support to have it removed?

Steps to uninstall:

Go into settings for BI Fusion, and turn off “Install Cameras” in the camera installation section. Click done until you’re out of the settings.

Go back into settings, turn off “use/install blue iris server”, click done until out of settings again.

Go back into settings, and delete all of the triggers, click done until out of settings again.

Once that’s done, you should be able to go into the smartapp settings and click remove at the bottom.

Then go to your devices and delete any other smartapps the camera and server devices are associated with. Then you should be able to delete each device.

The hang up is that the app installs the devices, and you can’t remove devices associated with smartapps. So you have to make sure the app isn’t installing the devices anymore.

Hope that helps. If not, you can delete them from the IDE as well, you can navigate to locations and see a list of all the smartapps installed and delete them. Same for the devices.

Finally got this working after a few roadblocks… (I forgot to hit update after turning on oauth, so my token was empty.)

If you ever want to test your URL’s, just paste them in a web browser to see if you get an error.

The only thing I’m unsure about is there’s no option to wait xx between http requests. The closest I can figure out is to add a “wait” 100ms action before the http action on each trigger setup.