[OBSOLETE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

Shoot, I’ll check on the one camera issue.

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The test button in Blue Iris only sends the first http command. So it worked and changed your motion to active, but now you need your camera to sense motion on it’s own, send the active command, once that motion stops, it’ll send the inactive command and your sensor in SmartThings will reflect those changes. So make sure it’s in a trigger mode in BI and walk in front of it I guess!

Thanks for the help… It was a simple mistake in setup on the blue iris side… I forgot to change to reset command to to https://… works great now…

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Fixed! Sorry about that. I introduced a bug after I had the camera install working and got bogged down getting the motion stuff to work.

v3.0.1 uploaded to Github. Changes:

  • Fixed bug preventing install/operation when not using the Server DTH.
  • Fixed bug that would only only allow one camera device to install.
  • Enabled full Camera Device DTH support even when not using Server DTH (works for both local and external connections).
  • Changed Software Update input (defaults to enabling update notifications, so if you want that no need to change anything).

Please keep posting feedback. I no longer have an external connection setup so I can’t test that very well, and will the changes I had to make to allow the Camera DTH to work, there’s a strong chance there is a bug in there that I can’t test for.

I’m also interested to see how a BI Fusion - Trigger will handle triggering a bunch of cameras at once (if you’re using the DTH you can select multiple, if not, you’re still limiting to typing in only one name per trigger). I tried to streamline the code to trigger a bunch of cameras at a time, but I’d like to hear if it actually does or if it just dies.

After update I was able to add 6 cameras… all working properly…
I will try out the tomorrow and report back…
Thanks for the great work

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Its working great for motion detection. I haven’t been able to get it to switch profiles for me though, re-checking my settings to see what is up with that. I was using OATH per camera for motion (using the camera as a smartthings motion device) in the past, kinda nice to have them use the same OATH code with your app/handler. Another thing I use is the ability to have a motion detection (smartthings) to send a command to a PTZ camera to go to a certain preset, would love if your app did that, too… then I could do away with all other BI apps that I have. Much thanks JMZ, wish I could buy ya some brew! For reference, I currently do the PTZ as shown at the end of Blue Iris camera trigger from smart things . If I recall correctly, you and I have talked about this a few times.

I also noticed, changing the Display Name of a camera in Blue Iris Camera Installation does nothing later on, it keeps the original name. Not a big deal, just wanted to make sure you knew. For instance, I went back to all of my cameras and inserted "BI " in front of all the names so I could organize them better in Smartthings, they remained the original name.

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That shouldn’t be a cosmic addition, I can take a look.

I should’ve mentioned this, I knew it was a problem. The issue is the Display Name is set when the device is created. It doesn’t reinstall the devices unless the short name is changed (only because that is a part of the device network ID, so in that case it’s actually deleting the old and creating a new). If it did, you’d have to remove the camera device from any smartapp, including the trigger apps, before reinstalling. A warning would be useful.

I know you could technically change the display name from within each device’s settings (I have warnings against changing anything there because it could de-link it from the rest of BI Fusion since it wouldn’t know the new name), but now that I think about it I could probably run through the code to make sure it doesn’t actually refer to the original display name in setup, and does a real-time check for the current one.

The Server device is different (well the name can’t change) in that all the profiles names and things are passed after the device is created, so they can be updated all you want without issue.

It should. The cameras can be motion sensors for SHM to monitor.

Thanks for putting together the great app!

Can I request that you add acceleration as a trigger capability?

I have a multisense mounted on my door bell that triggers push alerts and tablet integration. If I can add acceleration as a trigger it would be super helpful for some of my other integrations.


Works beautifully now. Added three more cameras with no issues. Thank you much!

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  • BI Fusion v3.0.2, BI Fusion - Trigger v3.0.2, Blue Iris Sever DTH v2.1, Blue Iris Camera DTH v1.1:
    • BI Fusion updated to allow user to change Camera Device Names after installation, removed warnings in this DTH. (Must change in devices’ settings page, the change in BI Fusion preferences is irrelevant unless the shortname changes as well).
    • Beta - Added Video Live Stream - need user base help. It should work, but I can’t get it to. Make sure you don’t use any special characters in username/password/camera shortName. Let me know what you find.
    • Added triggers for: acceleration, presence, shock, smoke, carbon monoxide, and water sensors.
    • Added ability to send preset commands to cameras when triggering. **NOTE: Check each Trigger app instance to confirm settings & tap ‘done’ to ensure settings take.


Correct, but now you can change it in each device’s settings page. Just know that the BI Fusion preference for display name won’t update (not a problem though).

Done! Thanks to your help beta testing!!

For video: I don’t know if it’s me not being at home (I’m on a VPN) or what the issue is, but it doesn’t work for me. Everything is as others have reported it to work. So check it out (it works local only) and let me know if it does/doesn’t, and let me know if you use a different app that does work so I can find my problem. If it doesn’t work, it won’t affect the normal functionality.


Hi JMZ, first apologies for the long post, I’ve tried to diagnose this myself so have included some relevant log entries.
I’m trying to get Profile Switching working but it doesn’t seem to work consistently.
My setup in BI Fusion is:
Auto Sync Profile to Mode: Enabled
Mode Home: 0
Mode Away: 1
ST Mode for BI Inactive: Home

I have 2 Routines, named Home and Away with the “Mode” set respectively.

I can manually trigger profile changes within Blue Iris Server and triggering my Away routine in the Smartthings App leads to BI Server changing the profile but triggering Home does not change the profile.
If I go into BI Server and “Sync BI to ST” then it detects the change in mode and switches the profile to inactive.

From my debug logs I get this (relevant logs only, oldest at the top):
Triggering Away routine when BI Profile is Inactive and BI Server is in sync:
4:44:25 PM: info HH execute(true, null, null), newMode: Away
4:44:25 PM: trace prefix(): Goodbye.
4:44:25 PM: debug getprofileName got 1
4:44:25 PM: debug getprofileName returning Away
4:44:25 PM: info Changing Blue Iris Profile to ‘1’, named 'Away’
4:49:23 PM: debug GET /admin?profile=1&lock=2&user=**&pw= HTTP/1.1
Accept: /
User-Agent: Linux UPnP/1.0 SmartThings
4:44:25 PM: info BI_modeChange detected mode now: Away
4:44:25 PM: debug BI_modeChange matched to Away
4:44:25 PM: debug BI_Found profile 1
4:44:26 PM: debug Blue Iris Profile set to Away

But, when I execute the “Home” routine, with BI profile confirmed to be “1” and BI Server app in sync with profile.
4:47:55 PM: info HH execute(true, null, null), newMode: Home
4:47:55 PM: trace prefix(): Welcome Home!
4:47:55 PM: info BI_modeChange detected mode now: Home
4:47:55 PM: debug BI_modeChange matched to Home

and that’s it. There doesn’t seem to be a http request to the server to trigger the profile change.

It has worked fantastic, allowed me to remove the other PTZ and the other motion detection (via BI) app that I had which was a different oath per camera as opposed to 1 for BI. Thank you!

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I can’t for the life of me get the video feeds to work. Motion is working great, and the record trigger is functioning just fine. Also changing everything with the Blue Iris server part works fine. Every time I try to connect to the stream i get this error in logging:

physicalgraph.app.exception.SmartAppException: Not Found

I’ve verified the URLs from the Device in a browser and they are working fine. I’ve tried it externally and locally. Any ideas?

No special characters in User/Pass or short name.

Yep, I can’t figure it out, put it in there hoping it’d work for other folks. Just tried a bunch of other things and still couldn’t make it work out. I really only included it because some folks want it; I prefer to just use the Blue Iris app because of all it’s other capabilities, and let BI Fusion do all the ST<>BI integration. I’ll pull the code if I can’t figure it out.

Any one have any luck with this or know more?

I just started setting this up today. Still going through it all and haven’t tested Motion triggers. I was able to setup a camera to show up in my device list and the video does work. Here is a screenshot. (disregard cam name, that’s obviously not my kitchen, lol)


@JMZ Hello, I noticed I got an error on one of my camera profiles a few minutes ago. Is this anything to be concerned about? Also, when trying to save in a profile it is giving an error as well.


I got this all setup last night. It’s working well! Live streaming is working on my LAN. It looks like i did mess up one camera’s config in BI. it’s stuck on motion active. But the other two are working correctly. A couple suggestions for easier setup:

  1. Can you output the web address for the motion events to the live log? This way you can just open live logging and then copy/paste and change the short name. I believe i’ve seen another smart app do this (maybe alexa helper?)
  2. The secure only web server check box terminology isn’t quite right. It has a different description in my blue iris.
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one more suggestion: allow re-naming profiles even is they are tied to a mode. I have one profile that is tied to two modes and i don’t like the label that was auto-assigned.

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I installed BI Fusion 3 over my old Bi Fusion 2. Installed as directed using the BI server setup on my LAN, and created one BI camera device . The profile integration works, as well as the live video stream, but I cannot get a camera trigger to work. The setup seems to go well with no errors, but when I execute the trigger, the camera does not trigger, and I get an error in ST api logging that says “‎4‎:‎13‎:‎25‎ ‎PM: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: actionname for class: script_app_Blue_Iris__54acf991_499d_44bf_bdfe_0195ac2200f3_ver_0_5” . Can someone offer some help in resolving this. I had triggers working fine in the ver 2 BI Fusion. I have tried removing the app and reinstalling to no avail.
Thanks for any replies.