[OBSOLETE] Anybody use a ZMote (IR Blaster)? (DTH in post 4)

I use the browser’s Developer Tools feature to see what is sent when I press the button in the web interface. I’m not aware of another way to do that in the web app but that would be nice.

The DHT I have on github works for the v1 devices but I’ll need to modify it to work with the v2 device I have now. Hari was investigating ways to provide a DHT or some other integration directly from the zmote app, but I haven’t heard how far along he is with that effort.

Update: I’ve updated the version on github to support the v2 zmote devices.

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BTW - I ordered from Tindie rather than Ebay store - that’s ok right? (it’s what came up first when I googled)

Link to the zmote button creator device handler that I’ve created, credit to Benroy

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Very cool. Thank it will work with a remote I have for my propane fireplace?

There was talk about needing the pro version - will the normal zmote work?

Hi there, the zmote looks great. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a couple of the units?

Did you stop making the zmote? I can’t find it on eBay anymore.

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It seems like there was a break in making them, but they’re available again now on tindie. I was on a waitlist for a year or so, and finally just got mine in the last couple months. (It’s worth the wait.)

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Glad they are making them again! I use one for my stereo receiver - it’s excellent!