[OBSOLETE] Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 composite DTH

Oh sorry I read that wrong, it was the one that is posted on Aeons site I believe, I may be wrong. It stopped using this HEM about six months ago, a week after I got it because it never worked. I got an email from one of the tech guys pointing me to your DTH, all of a sudden, it works! I tried changing some things around to report Amperage, especially for the combined readings, I would like them to be in there along with the V, KwH and Watts

This Gen5 HEM has never worked so well, I even have it inside my panel…against recommendations, its close enough to my hub for secure inclusion, etc. Pretty weird that both legs don’t share half the load all the time, but when I turn a few things on, I see activity on both clamps as well as the total on my main. I am reporting basically everything and changed the code to display the logs. Doing updates at 30, 60, 90 for the 3 groups. I have em loaded up!