[OBSOLETE] Aeotec Doorbell 6

I can’t find set volume in WebCore, I see set level on Aeotec Siren is that the same? Or should I see set volume on Aeotec Doorbell 6 button?

Thanks for all help (don’t want my children to wake up late, because someone is pressing the doorbells button).


If you added both sections of code to the button handler and published the changes then you should see the setVolume command as an option for the button in WebCoRE.

You’ll probably have to select the device as a switch or something, but once the device is selected you should see all the custom commands supported by the device.

That’s how you use custom commands in CoRE, but I haven’t used WebCoRE in a while so it might be a little different.

I can pick both switch and button, I also get alot of different set commands but not the “set volume” in WebCore.

I even tried to but in the lines again in the Aeotec button 6 handler.


I’ll post a new version of the button handler shortly that has the changes I mentioned.

In regular CoRE, when you add an action and select the device it lists all the built in commands and then way below that it lists all the custom commands so have you scrolled through the entire list of actions after selecting the button?

Just another question,

Is it possible to have the Aeotec Doorbell 6 as local with all the settings I have done in your handler?

Best regards

Custom handlers can’t execute locally.

Either in this topic or the siren topic, I posted instructions on how the handler can be modified so you can save the setting changes with the custom handler and then change the handler to the built-in switch handler and play the configured sound by turning it on.

If you configure the button with this handler and change the parent device to the built-in handler you’ll no longer be able to view or control the button from ST, but pushing the button should play the sound you configured for it.

I just posted a new version of the button handler that includes the “setVolume” command so please update to the latest version on GitHub and let me know if you’re still unable to see that action.

In CoRE it shows up as “setVolume” so I’m assuming it will be displayed in WebCoRE the same way, but make sure you’re selecting the button device and looking through the entire action list.

If you have to select the action in WebCoRE before selecting the device then look for a section that says something like “Custom Commands”.


Many many thanks for all help, I will try and see if it works.

Best regards

I’ve moved most of my stuff over to Hubitat so I’m not using WebCoRE and don’t have time to set it up so if you still don’t see the setVolume option in WebCoRE then I recommend asking for help on that forum because I’m sure that is an action in the version I just published…

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Hi, it worked!
The problem were that I didn’t see it on my phone, when I fired up my computer I saw SetVolume.

So again, many many thanks for your help!

Best regards

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Hi again Kevin!

Yet another question, sorry! But is it possible to get battery indicate in the new Connect app?


So the battery isn’t shown for the button device in the new mobile app?

Noop, only in the old!

And I can’t set a notification for low battery, I just downloaded the old app and find out that I only had 4% battery left in my doorbell button!


Have you found the problem with the dive handler?

Best regards

This device supports the battery capability so you must be able to set a notification for low battery, but you might have to set that up with the classic app…

I have no control over the look of the new mobile app. The features shown are based on the built-in templates which ST hasn’t posted any documentation for.

I don’t believe I’ve seen any other devices that support switch, button, and battery so I’m not sure if that template exists.

Thanks again!

But there is (I think) device that have all panels.

Is your example a switch?

Motion, contact, temperature, etc. usually run on batteries so battery is included in all of those templates.

If you know of a device that displays switch, button, and battery in the new mobile app or even switch and battery let me know and I can check to see which template it is using.

Sorry misunderstood! No it’s not a switch.

Then I hope Samsung fix this at same point! Thanks again.

Take care

I just remembered that Ecolink has battery operated wall switches so I can check to see which template those are using.

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You still haven’t posted the raw description…