[OBSOLETE] Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell

I think I’ll try to factory reset today… When you say unpair the device, do you mean unpair from SmartThings? Do I have to delete everything associated with it in SmartThings?


[quote=“Phil_Panfili, post:23, topic:39166, full:true”] Do I have to delete everything associated with it in SmartThings?
You won’t be able to remove the device if it’s being used by any SmartApps. Last time I did this, I didn’t want to have to re-create all my rule machine rules that were using it, so switched them to a virtual doorbell and them switched them back afterwards.

I just published the virtual aeon doorbell DTH to my github repo so you can use it to create a virtual device. You could probably do the same with the real DTH, but this version doesn’t do anything so you won’t get a bunch of errors if any of the SmartApps end up trying to use the virtual device.

I just released a new version that should work when the device is included Secure or Non-Secure. If you’ve had problems using this device in the past, you may want to try this version.

New Mute Feature:

This version allows you to set the Volume to 0. When the volume is 0 and the doorbell button is pressed, the switch.on event will get raised, but it won’t make a sound. This also mutes the alarm button, but you can override the volume on the fly using the new commands below.

New commands:

  • playTrackAtVolume(track, volume): Plays the specified track at the specified volume and when the track finishes, it sets the volume back to the device default. This command is supported by CoRE.

  • playRepeatTrack(track, repeat): Plays the specified track the specified number of repeat times. The device limits the maximum play time to about 20 seconds. This can be used in CoRE, but you have to manually add the 2 numeric parameters.

  • playRepeatTrackAtVolume(track, repeat, volume): Plays the specified track, the specified number of repeat times at the specified volume. The device limits the maximum play time to about 20 seconds. This can be used in CoRE, but you have to manually add the 3 numeric parameters.

This DTH is a stripped down version of the Aeon Labs Multifunction Doorbell DTH. If the only SmartApp you’re using with this device is CoRE, I recommend using this DTH.

You have to use switch.on to detect doorbell press instead of button 1 pushed, but this DTH is a lot faster, allows you to cut off the playing track by playing another track, allows you to easily play tracks at different volumes, allows you to mute the doorbell and still detect that it was pushed.

You may notice that changing the slider in the mobile app sometimes doesn’t change the value shown. The values will refresh if you re-open the device or open the device settings and hit the back button.

This problem happens on all 3 of my Android devices, but each device has a different slider with the problem so I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with the ST Android app and not this DTH.

You can find the latest version of the Aeotec Doorbell DTH in the first post of this Topic.

I am getting this error when creating New SmartApp in the API upon pushing “Create”

No signature of method: script1469383309819358503110.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1469383309819358503110$_run_closure1) values: [script1469383309819358503110$_run_closure1@5ad3767e] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Grabbed code from GitHub link and tried twice, made sure I had copied all code…

It’s a Device Type, not a SmartApp…

Duhhh… Sorry, too many interruptions going on today :confused:

A few notes after playing around with this…

  1. I was able to use the OEM button as a Switch in CoRE and get lights to work, etc. I had set the doorbell track to 100 to keep it silent in the Multifunction DTH and it carried over. For the record, I am using a Z-Wave Door Contact wired to a NuTone button for extended range and reliability from my gate outside.

  2. Please add labels to the settings page in app. The variables are showing, but cryptic without labels.

  3. For Actions, the doorbell no longer shows up as a Music Player, only as a Siren. (by design?) To change an existing Piston I had to change to Siren and then delete.

  4. Using Audacity, I am building a great library of sounds, always generating a little silence to start and end of files. You can also generate a nice Risset Drum at 2000 Hz to generate a pre-chime in the track. I am also using the SpeakIt! Chrome Extension to capture text to speech in Audacity. Audacity rocks and will capture anything played though your PC speakers!

  5. Staying very solid for me, I will not have to go back to the Multifunction DTH.

Thanks @krlaframboise for the continued support and improvements. This device is a great inexpensive speaker add-on for most applications, and you get a free (short range) button to use. Too bad it gets such bad reviews on Amazon, etc. for people without your great DTH and support.

With this DTH, all of the track settings and volume settings are configured with the UI sliders. The values shown in the settings screen are left over from the other DTH. I haven’t figured out a way to automatically remove them when you switch device handlers, but if you manually delete the values, they won’t appear again. Don’t delete them if you plan on switching back to the other DTH or you’ll have to set them all up again.

It never did for this DTH, only the “multifunction” version of the DTH had it because since it’s not an actual music player, I’m pretty sure it would have been rejected by ST. ST just created a new capability called “Audio Notification” which appears to be intended for this type of device so I plan on adding that capability in a future version. It will probably take a long time for ST to use it in their SmartApps, but CoRE will probably have it soon, if it doesn’t have it already. Even if it’s not added to CoRE, all the commands will still appear as custom commands.

This doesn’t help you at this point, but you could have created a virtual device with my Virtual Aeon Doorbell DTH and used it as a temporary placeholder for all of the SmartApps using the doorbell. I think you can use that DTH as a placeholder for my other sirens too.

Having two DTHs available is confusing and a pain to maintain so I might want try and phase the other one out at some point. It’s not like ST is actually publishing any DTHs that users are submitting so I’m no longer that concerned about it.

I will admit that at the moment, the music player capability makes it accessible to a lot more applications and provides the additional sound option “play”. I also sometimes find it easier to change the track in the settings rather than having to use the sliders.

There are several factors that have led to the low reviews, but this version should eliminate the need to pair it multiple times in order to get it to do anything so that might help a little. I also just added it to the Unofficially Supported Devices list of the ThingsThatAreSmart Wiki so that might make it easier for users to find.

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OK, an update on trying to use the OEM button seperately… in CoRE using the doorbell as a switch (changes to On), to make another Action such as turning a light on works, and silent (track 100).

HOWEVER, the above piston also detects any other activities by the doorbell. My hourly chime and other voice notifications also turn on the light. I played around with CoRE Interaction set to Physical and Programmatic with no success. In summary, I can not figure out a way to use the OEM button seperately with this DTH.

This shouldn’t be happening, the only thing that should turn the device on is the doorbell button or executing the “switch.on” command.

I’ll take a look at the code.

Can you post the piston, I don’t see it in any of the previous posts.

I’ve done a lot of testing and the only way I can trigger “changes to on” is by executing the “switch.on” command or using the doorbell button.

Post a screenshot of the piston that plays a sound that causes this piston to execute so I can see the command being executed that causes it.

Well I installed the new DH and now it is not working. I have it on my back deck, and it is supposed to play when the front door opens. Using Core to do that. I am loading a pic showing it was working until I installed the dh and now it does not play. Inside the thing, I can not get it to play any sounds at all clicking the options…

I am trying to get the OEM doorbell button to work seperately as it did in Multifuction.

This trigger

Is causing the light to come on in this trigger every hour

I suspect it is because this DTH does not support the button as a switch seperately.

I will continue playing around… :sunglasses:

The DTH on this page is a completely different DTH than the one on the other page so if you want to switch from that one to this one, you’re going to have to fix the settings using the sliders and fix all your CoRE Pistons. The old pistons that used button pushed should be changed to switch on.

Yes it does. The problem most likely has something to do with the way CoRE is executing the command. I’m not blaming CoRE because it’s most likely a bug in the DTH, but it probably only happens under specific conditions which is probably why I couldn’t replicate it.

Now that I can see how you’re playing the track that’s causing it to turn on, I should be able to replicate and fix the problem. I’ll take a look at it when I get home tonight.

Before I spend time testing with CoRE, I want to make sure that’s where the problem is so:

  • Are you absolutely sure that the only thing running every hour is the piston shown in your screenshot?

  • If you set the beep track to 6 and press the beep button in the mobile app, does the light turn on?

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Got it… thanks for the help.
Question… I wish I could vary the repeat based on what is happening. I have this on my back deck. I use it to tell me the front door was opened, so that just needs to be buzz buzz, but, I also use it to hit my husband over the head saying he missed a phone call from me… and that sound I would like to repeat several times. Using Core to trigger both actions I notice the option “playRepeatTrackAtVolune”. I choose it, but then got lost with what I should do from that point… any advice? . Thanks

After selecting “playRepeatTrackAtVolume”, wait a moment for the screen to refresh and then tap “Add a parameter”, select “number” from the list, and enter the track number you want to play into the “Parameter #1 value” field.

Repeat those steps for the 2nd parameter which is repeat number and the 3rd parameter which is volume. Use 1-10 for volume instead of 1-100.

Yes, that’s it only.

The light turns on from the mobile app. The light turns on anytime/anytrack the doorbell plays. I think CoRE sees the state change, which on is triggered by playing.

It worked correctly in Multifunction with CoRE, just guessing, you might have defined the switch differently/separately ? CoRE seems to be watching anything from the speaker.

The functionality is completely separate with this DTH. Are you seeing an entry on the “Recently” tab every time the light turns on?

If you tap the “doorbell” button in the mobile app, that will turn on the switch, but the “beep” and “alarm” buttons shouldn’t. The command you’re using in CoRE doesn’t cause it to turn on for me either, it just changes the volume, plays the track and puts it back to the correct volume.

I’ve played at least 30 tracks tonight using every method I could think of and my last switch event is from 20 hours ago when I actually pushed the button.

Are you one of the people using the device without it being paired securely? It’s possible that the method I’m using to tell the events apart isn’t available or works differently while not paired securely.

Assuming the device is paired securely, can you try the following:

  • Enable logging in the device settings and in all the related CoRE Pistons then open live logging.

  • Try the beep button and then the alarm button.

  • You shouldn’t see any “doorbell ringing” entries in the Recently tab, but if you do, post a screenshot.

  • Open the device in the IDE, click the switch link and you shouldn’t see any recent switch events. if you do, take a screenshot.

  • If either of those show recent activity for the switch, post the live logging data.

It would probably also be helpful if you could post the CoRE logging data, but make sure you don’t copy the dashboard url and post the core logging and the doorbell logging separately.