[OBSOLETE] 3A Nue RGBW strip controller with normal RGBW led strip lights: Manufacturer’s DTH

Where can I find your handler? I am getting an error when trying to add from the original post. The 3A download docx is also blank when I open in Word. Thank you much!

@mitchican it is here. SmartThings/3A NUE ZigBee RGBW Light-banditkd at master · banditkd/SmartThings · GitHub

Haven’t updated but should still work.

Perfect, thank you!

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Can confirm that mine are still working on this DTH.

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Hi - I have just bought a 3A LED Striplight controller and have it hooked up. I followed the instructions here and created a SmartApp in the SmartThings IDE. The Device handler was created correctly and is showing and the Device is showing in the IDE Device list as online.
However when I add the device in the App, it shows as ‘Offline’ and I can’t control the light (On/Off or Dim).

Things I have tried

  • Using several code sources - the latest posted above, the downloaded code from 3ASmarthome.com/downloads and the Banditkd code pasted above

  • Put the light controller right alongside the SmartThings hub

  • Pushed the controller’s ‘Reset’ button for 15 seconds until the light flashes

  • Unplugged the ST Hub and the 3A controller multiple times

Any suggestions to get this device showing as online and controlling the lights?


Any input on the above post? I am eager to get the 3A controller working with SmartThings.


@paulthbrit it has been a while since I added this, but not sure I created a smart app. If I recall I just uploaded the code as a new device handler and then added the device as per normal.

Just re read your note, if is is detected have you changed the DH in the ide to use the code I posted

You do not need the this DH anymore. You can just edit the device type with -ZigBee RGBW bulb or ZLL RGBW Bulb.