[OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

I just updated. I had to make a change to the code in order to get the app to run.

Line 2865: change “evt.displayName” to “evt.device.name”

I’m using V2.

Excuse me for my ignorance. Fairly new but when in the ide,
I go to My Smart Apps -> Settings and add rayzurbock as owner and SmartThings-BigTalker as the Name. All looks good.

I go to Update From Repository, I choose that repository and check

I then check Publish and then click Execute Update but I receive a 500 error:

Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /ide/app/doRepoUpdates
Reference Id b1a17be2-e95d-4009-95d4-196608306397
Date Wed Sep 14 14:56:32 UTC 2016

This is only happening so far for that repository. Am I doing something wrong?

Don’t forget that Branch should be “master” (without the quotes).

I suspect the issue may be that you only need to select the .groovy file (smartapps/rayzurbock/big-talker.src/big-talker.groovy), not the two .png files.

Please try selecting just the .groovy file to update.

can someone point me how to add Samsung R1 wam1500 to marthings and make it work with bigtalker?


I’ve added two Samsung MultiRoom audio devices (R1 & R3) to ST. To save yourself a huge headache, sign each device a static IP on your network. It appears that if the device is given an IP address via DHCP, and should the IP change when the lease is up, it makes the system act weird.

Once you have given each speaker a static IP, walk through the pairing process through the ST app. You may see that even though you only have one speaker, it shows 3 or 4 (goes back to the whole IP thing!). To pick the correct speaker, besides comparing IPs, look for the one that has the status “Stopped” vs “Paused.” Which ever says “Stopped” will be the primary speaker.

At this point, the speaker should pair without an issue. If you do have problems, add all of the speakers that ST finds, then under My Home > Things, simply delete any instances of the speaker that read “Paused.”

Hopefully that helps!


thanks John ,but there was a link to a page to explain how to put the smartapp/IDE handler and also create the device within https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com.


@sam_alian No problem. I tagged you in another one of my posts as well.

Anyhoo, why are you trying to use the IDE to create the device? There is no need for this and it may wind up making the integration more iffy. The R1 is an officially supported speaker. You can add it right from the marketplace through the ST app. There is zero need to use the IDE to install the speaker.

BigTalker, on the other hand, will require the IDE to install the smartapp, but it seems like that piece you got down without an issue.

I’m getting the same error as above and the branch is set to master. I was able to update from 1.1.6 using this method but it seems to be having issues with this one. See images.

You cannot import/update/publish the .png files. I’ve removed them from the repo just now to prevent this issue.
When there is an update for BigTalker, the update will be listed under the “Obsolete (updated in GitHub)” list.

DOH! I wasn’t paying attention to that. That said, I’m on 1.1.6 and I thought you had created 1.1.7 or is that inaccurate?

I just updated it using the code. Hopefully that doesn’t break anything.

Due to the age of this post, I am no longer able to edit the main post with new release info, therefore the 1.1.7 release info and discussion is here: [(OBSOLETE See 1.1.10 or later) 1.1.8 10/11/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Thanks. That did the trick

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I really appreciate your help BTW. Jumping in and helping like this is really awesome of you.

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Hi @rayzurbock,

Can you tell me how to setup the update from your github in the IDE?

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Got it to work. Thanks @greg .


Hi, first off, thanks for writing this app! I am using it so that when my mode gets changed in the morning using Ask Alexa I have Big Talker do a weather report. The problem is, my echo is right next to my speaker, and with Ask Alexa she keeps talking after the command and waits for a follow up command but the weather report is rambling on at the same time. Is there any way in Big Talker I can add a ‘delay’? So, ‘when mode changes to home, wait 10 seconds, then weather report’?


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Currently BigTalker does not support adding a delay to speaking. I’ll investigate adding to version 1.1.9 if I can work it in.


That would be fantastic and very much appreciated!