[OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Also, if you are using a speechSynthesis device (such as the Android LANnouncer app) and Big Talker in speechSynthesis mode, you are not affected by the current textToSpeech SmartThings platform issue as text to speech conversion is handled within the device and not reliant on SmartThings textToSpeech API call.

RELEASE 1.1.6 (minor change):
**Note, SmartThings currently has an issue with their Text To Speech (TTS) function. This should only affect those using BigTalker in musicPlayer mode. Those using speechSynthesis mode & devices should be unaffected. Once SmartThings resolves the platform issue BigTalker should work for you again.

With that said…

1.1.6 Release
–Added phrase token %shmstatus% to speak your current SmartHome Monitor Status (Disarmed, Armed Away, Armed Stay) ** Note this is not documented at this time by SmartThings and may stop working at any time and/or be removed in a future version.
Example: “xxxxxx door opened, your home is currently %shmstatus%

I’ll expand on this in future versions.

Get it here: https://github.com/rayzurbock/SmartThings-BigTalker
Or if you have integrated your IDE with GitHub, go into the IDE > My SmartApps > Update from Repo > SmartThings-BigTalker (master), check BigTalker.groovy in the Obsolete window, check Publish, click Execute Update

@bsanker - Thanks for the request.
@MichaelS - Thanks for the tip.


oy… ok. i wish there was a way to backup configurations

checking logs now it is not there. have not uninstalled either

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think i will leave it for now since it has gone. thanks for your help. if it returns i will do as you suggested.

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Since the latest firmware update 1 or 2 days ago, Big Talker does not announce anything anymore through my Samsung R1 speaker. I tried the Talk Now option in the app and saw this error:

error BIGTALKER(1.1.5) || ERROR: ST Platform issue (textToSpeech)? groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: client for class: physicalgraph.amazon.S3Service$$EnhancerBySpringCGLIB$$e7eaed23

Anyone sees this?

We see that with Text to Speech apps right now. Look up the comments in this thread a bit, there’s a link to the TTS discussion.


Need some help with the weather variable. I am using %weathertoday(YYZ)% and Big Talker just reads it back out, so it would go “Percent W E A T…” etc. YYZ is the airport code for toronto, any idea why it’s not working? I tried City/Country as well and no go. A US zipcode works fine though.

I am having an issue whereby I want the weather to announce when there is movement on a motion sensor and its 8am, this works fine BUT what I am getting is a loop where the forecast is repeated until I pause the sonos. Is this correct behaviour, is there a way just to say it the once?

Is there anyway to have a chime play before the announcements? Similar to an alarm panel, it would chime then say xxx open or closed?

Any one ideas? The weather information just loops until I pause the songs. Is this normal behaviour? How can I get it to say the weather just once and then stop?

My thought is that the polling is catching the weather report playing and then resuming “music” which is the weather report? I run a weather report daily and haven’t had this problem. Is your report typically exceeding one minute?

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@SamB - If I can venture a guess, if your criteria is movement + time=8:00am then this can happen multiple times during the one minute that it is 8am. Have you tried to make sure the motion sensor is triggered only once to see if it only plays the weather once?

Others here have mentioned that BigTalker may be interpreting the weather announcement as music playing so it resumes it. I found that interesting as I have a similar issue where after BT says “door xyz is open/closed”, it sometimes start playing music even though none was playing. I had to purposefully break the code to stop it from resuming music on my ST dedicated Sonos speaker.


@aruffell Its possible I suppose., not had a change to play around with it yet.

WOW!!! Added this an it works great. I use a small speaker and one of my Rapsberry Pi 2 machines and it works great. Still getting the hang of the language I can use with it but could not be happier.

Thanks for doing this. You ROCK!!!


I also can’t get BigTalker v 1.1.16 to announce mode changes. Using LanNouncer but with debug on, I don’t see BigTalker sending any announcement. Contact sensor changes are announced fine. I see this was an issue with previous version.


I think the Airport code has to be 4 letters.

For Toronto, try: CYTZ or CYYZ

See here: https://www.wunderground.com/about/faq/international_cities.asp (The Weather function uses Weather Undergrounds API calls).

It just uses a text to speech engine to convert text to audio. There is no option to inject a tone into the speech audio output.

I could see perhaps adding a pre-tone default option that could be added and turned on per event group that would be played just before the speech audio is played for that group if desired. Effectively playing two audio files per event in that group.

I’m not sure how much demand of BT users there is for this though.

Are you using any mode exclusions?
If not, can you try adding one and see if it starts working?

Can you go to graph.api.smartthings.com, login, go to live logging, switch modes, click on the BigTalker live logs and PM the logs from the mode changes to me to aide in troubleshooting?

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to find a big talker event handler for open/close sensors?