[OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Friends, I am not sure that I should continue development on BigTalker. @bravenel’s Rule Machine is so powerful that it can do almost everything BigTalker did and more. If he will add run-time variable ability into notification/speech phrases, (ie: %weathertoday%, etc) and a token/variable to insert the device change type (opened, closed, on, off, etc), then I do not see any reason to continue working on BigTalker. I can have unlimited number of timeslots and events for speech with Rule Machine instead of just the 3 that I wrote into BigTalker and so much more logic can be created using Rule Machine.

Tonight, Just to see if I could, I’ve replaced almost all of my BigTalker phrases with Rule Machine Rules and Triggers. The only ones that I haven’t converted are those that use tokens (run-time variables such as “The %devicename% is now %devicechange%”).

I welcome your feedback.

Example rule in Rule Machine that I am using now:

  • Time Based:

    • Create New Rule > Define A Trigger
    • Name the Trigger: Speak: John Doe Bed Time
    • Select Trigger Events > Capability > Certain Time > At a Certain Time: 7:29 pm
    • Select Actions
      • Send or speak a message > Custom message to send:
      • Notice: John Doe, its time to go to bed, John Doe
      • Speak this message > On this speech device (and/or music device).
  • Rule Based:

    • Create New Rule > Define A Rule
    • Name the Rule: Door Left Open
    • Select Conditions > Capability > Contact
    • Contact Sensors: Back Door, Front Door, etc…
    • Contact State: Open
    • Select Actions for True:
      • Delay These Actions > Minutes of Delay: 1 > Cancel on truth change: On
      • Send of speak a message > Custom message to send:
      • Notice: Door Left Open
      • Include device name: On
      • Speak this message > On this speech device (and/or music device)
      • Evaluate Rules after delay
        • Door Left Open
        • Minutes of delay: 1

Rule Machine 1.7: https://community.smartthings.com/t/rule-machine-version-1-7-released/37355

Rule Machine Wiki: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Rule_Machine