Observations on IOS Application

Hey guys,

I just got my V2 Hub this weekend and transferred everything from my Almond+ router. All in all I can say that I am pleased with the flexibility (got Nest, Sercurifi keyfob, Netatmo working). There are some quirks in the App I was wondering about:

  1. I cannot seem to change the icon for any of the devices. Is this a known bug? Is there a work-around?
  2. There is an option to “Add Set” when I am looking at a room. What does that do? It does not seem to do anything.
  3. I have seen discussions on the Dashboard. I’ll just throw in my support to bring back to the old options (which I never got to enjoy.
  4. I have noticed that there is no search function. Is this by design?
  5. I love the ability to group things into “Rooms”. That was one feature seriously lacking on the Almond+ side. I would like to be able to have a sensor exist in more than one “Room”.


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Number 2 (sets) has been promised, but not yet delivered. It will be the answer to number five (put a device in more than one group). But no exact details yet on how it will work.