oAuth Issues all cloud to cloud integrations broken (02/05/16)

Is anyone else having issues with Alexa, IFTTT, SmartTiles, LIFX, Sharptools?

it seems all my stuff is broken as all my Tokens have become invalid and i am unable to re-authorize or indeed either delete and start again. everything broke about an hour and a half ago

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Yes, it’s the same for me. The app is dead also.

ok not 100% sure but looks like mines just come back in the last minute. wonder if we will get an explanation on why this happened? probably not!

Edit Nope… just gone again. just managed to re-authorize alexa,but then stopped working again,

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SmartThings has stopped working for me this morning and I can’t log into the app.

IDE online is giving me internal server errors too

Error 500: Internal Server Error URI /hub/show/e4c964f4-03ab-4ae8-946c-735263105919 Reference Id 3a031e56-d84d-43f9-9a01-d388202de3a5 Date Tue May 03 09:17:53 UTC 2016

Same problems for me. App is asking me to login in and then wants Welcome code again which of course only works once.
Have emailed support.

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My login is not being accepted either. Something up? Nothing on the status page right now.

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I’m locked out of Smartthings as well looks like we have a uk wide issue.

I also noted cloud to cloud services are throwing up errors in my IDE

I’ve also emailed support. I know it was working earlier this morning

yup same here, don’t mind them having an outage if they are undertaking work…but they really need to announce it ahead of time. status.smarthings.com is still showing operational even though they must be getting tickets now… i’ve raised a ticket, suggest everyone else does the same as it seems support works on trends rather than individual issues

My app is working again now but SmartTiles is still showing errors

I’m currently at a remote location so is anyone observing anything happening or not happening with their Smartapps? lighting, heating, Switches etc?

My assumption is they either shut down or are working normally. But if they’re firing randomly that could be more of an issue for me.


@Silverpawn anything app that requires oAuth is broken. all my zwave and zigbee automations are working correctly.

the issue is that any cloud based stuff is dead, gets error 500 or invalid token. so cant actuate anything, if stuff is already on, it wont turn off and vice versa.

@slagle @jody.albritton @alex any chance of us getting some root cause analysis on this? i.e what triggered it? and what can be done as a preventative measure to prevent it happening again?

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I’m sat at home and as far as I can tell nothing random seems to be happening certainly not with Switches and lighting which would at least be obvious.

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Thanks for that

Also though most of us are locked out of our Android/iOs App from what I can read at least that’s what I’m seeing so the issues could be wider the OAuth integrations. I’ve been locked out for the past 20mins

The status still shows green on support. hopefully we’ll get an update soon.

Problem here!

My app is asking for welcome code or to log in.

Trying to log in either results in an error, or just jumps back to the welcome/sign in link screen…

Not at home, but my IDE suggests the hub is still online and functional

A few links suggest ST has had problems, suggestions of hacked and/or security issues?

My work colleague has also commented he is having the same problem…

A couple of links

yup just saw. take it its ST knee jerk reaction to patch it that is causing us issues?


Same here folks, my app is now asking for my login details and the welcome code :frowning:

if like me you didnt retain your welcome code as it was stated it was only required once, try and use your hubs serial number

Don’t think the welcome code will be needed? As you can use your login details once the system is sorted? As I say, my login to the IDE shows that he device is still there under my account and still pings.

Surely re-using the welcome code may cause further issues? Just abort the welcome code screen and it takes you back to the welcome code / sign in options…


ok, it now seems to take my email address and password, but simply asks for welcome code…

Emailing support