OAuth 2.0 Implementation

I’m trying to build a way for my app xyz to connect with Smart Things and control the devices, but I’m unable to find the authorize URLs and not able to create a Client ID etc. How do I go about that process?

Hi @Slinx Welcome to SmartThings Community

Are you interested in integrating your devices into SmartThings and controlling them, or are you only interested in controlling the devices?


Hi @AlejandroPadilla

Currently, it’s just controlling the Smart Things Devices

There is an option available for that type of project, but you would need to become a partner to access it. Since you’re not interested in integrating your own devices, you’ll need to send an email explaining your case and your company’s details.

After that, if the team decides to continue with your integration, they must enable the option on the Workspace, but that depends on the partner’s team.

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