NYCE Tilt sensor modified to contact sensor

I was able to buy a ton of NYCE Tilt sensors at Lowe’s for only a couple bux but really juat needed contact sensors. I noticed NYCE uses the same board for tilt and contact, so I picked up some reed switches and some mountable magnets. I pulled the board out of the plastic housing, removed the battery and carefully desoldered the barrel tilt switches. I then placed the 3 leg reed switch on the pads of the board and soldered it in place. You might want to update the DT in IDE to NYCE contact but either way, it should still do the job. Mount the sensor so that the line points toward your magnet and your done.

I realize this is an old post, but have one of these I want to repurpose. Can you tell me what the 3 pads are? I just want to solder in a couple wires which will be hooked to a dry contact on a relay. Just not sure which pads to use.