Nyce hinge

lol, do I know Git. I use it daily in my profession :slight_smile:

Yes, I can make a PR to the public repo, I will update here with the PR number once done.

Here you go…

Thanks! I cced our device guy on it to review.

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Got my 2 door hinge sensors in today. Had to reset each one to factory settings before it would pair… and I had to watch the Live Log to see when it was finished communicating with the hub… it would stay on “Identifying” forever otherwise. Then backed out of the Add device search screen, and selected the unconfigured device, changed the name and it was good.

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Yeah, I did notice with 1 of the 2 that I got that the app would not finish “Identifying” until I went back a screen and selected “Unconfigured Devices” to finish. To be fair though I have seen this with a few other devices as well and just attribute it to intermittent ST issues.

Glad you got them working.

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Just to let everyone know the PR was approved for the addition of the fingerprint for the NYCE Door Hinge Sensor so hopefully soon this will be part of the original device type and will not require any custom code.

@slagle Do you know what the timeframe typically is from the time something is merged in and when it becomes live?


This is good stuff. I bought one of these two weeks back. I used the nyce device handled and haven’t had any problems. I’ll grab the new device type when it gets published thank you.

A week normally. Two at the most. Releases happen every Monday. With a cut off of Tuesday so this one will probably be next Monday.


A question on process for new devices in general and not just this hinge.

When you say live, does that just mean in the git repository?

But does that include live for local processing in V2 hub?

Are new device handlers pushed to V2 hubs?

Or are new device handlers only pushed when a new firmware is pushed to V2 hub?

Can someone talk about how good they work and how far from the hub etc? I thinking about getting these. Thanks

No, this is much longer.

When we update new firmware yes, but they have to be separately certified for local execution.

I have 2 of them in place right now and they are very reliable so far and are also very sensitive. The sensitivity is adjustable but only a very small amount. I have one that is about 10 feet from the hub and I have one that is about 50 feet from the hub in the opposite direction and both have never had communication issues but I have other zigbee devices that act as repeaters so I wouldn’t expect issues in my location. In general if you have any other zigbee devices that act as repeaters (pretty much anything that doesn’t run on battery) then range shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Hi Motley, What did you do to get the NYCE Hinges to work. I bought a few and I can’t get them to connect to ST HUB V2. Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


What have you tried so far? The first thing you have to do is copy the custom device handler from my GitHub site below, you can skip this if you wait long enough since based on what I was told the stock device type should be update for everyone any day now.

Did you have your ST hub in search mode when you pulled the plastic out for the battery and if so did it connect at all (if no device type could be found it should show up as “Thing”)? You can look at your devices in the IDE and see if you have any labeled “Thing” and if so I would delete them. Once you are sure they are not connected I would use a paper clip or the allen key they supplied with it to click the reset button 10 times, it should flash red 3 times and then green 3 times and then it will start trying to pair again so have your hub in search mode (Connect New Device), if you don’t enable search mode within about 30 seconds or so you will probably have to start over with the reset procedure above.

If you get it to connect and it only finds it as a “Thing” then that means you don’t have the right device handler installed. If you are not familiar with the procedure of adding custom device types then I would wait a few more days and you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I have a V2 hub as well so I know they work with that hub, just need to figure out where it is going wrong.

Make sure you bought the right ones.
There is a version for Control4 that will not work with ST.

Does anyone know if the stock device type has been updated as explained by Motley? I’m purchasing one of these and would like to know. If it has, do I just let Smartthings find the device and use the suggested switch DH or do I copy the one from NYCE site?

I used the one from the NYCE site and had no issues.

I am pretty sure it is included but I have not removed any of mine to find out. I did see the merge on the public Github site where they added the new fingerprint for these devices.

I just installed one of these iris hinges and it was recognized immediately without the need to use a custom DTH. The hinge works great.

I ended up installing the custom DH from Motley.
When Smartthings searched for device, it found it is NYCE hinge sensor.
It paired and has worked flawlessly for several days. One thing I did have to do, however, is buy a longer set screw because the orginal one was not long enough to push the metal tab which triggers the swtich. Purchased from local hardware store and it’s all set now. Make sure you know if you have a 3.5" or 4" when buying so you don’t have to do an exchange like I did!

One general question -
when I install a custom device handler, will the selection by Smartthings use this automatically? When mine was found, it identified as a hinge switch and since the hinge was not an option when searching within provided devices, I’m assuming I’m using the custom DH?