NYCE Door/Window Sensor

I installed and paired a NYCE Door/Window sensor. I can hear the sensor ‘click’ when the magnet connects. But on the ST app, It constantly shows the status as ‘Open’. even when I hold the sensor and magnet next to each other by hand. Anyone had a similar issue/solution?

How far away is the sensor from the hub?

Hub is at an upper level. Approx 50 feet straight line but add about 8 feet of elevation also. I also have some Aeon Labs power switches setup which should act as a signal repeater.

Forgot to mention, when I tried it when hodling it in my hands, I was less than 5 feet from the HUB

Aeon devices are zwave, NYCE are zigbee. So the Aeon cannot repeat for the NYCE device.

One other thing to note: NYCE makes several different versions of their sensors. Some of them are configured for systems which use an overlay encryption layer, like control4. These devices will not work properly with smartthings. NYCE has mentioned this in these forums several times.

So it also depends on exactly which version you bought.

I would understand if the sensor response went hinky after I mounted it on the door due to range issues with Zigbee. But, behavior was the same when I was 5 feet from the Hub and manually holding the sensor/magnet as well as lining them up next to each other (in the config they specify) on a coffee table at 5ft as well

I understand.

That’s why my next question would be which exact model you have. Where did you buy it? If by chance it’s the Control4 model it will pair, but you won’t get readable data, which could produce the behaviour you’re seeing.