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Nvidia Shield TV - SmartThings Link Issues

Is your shield hard wired or using wifi. One of the changes with the new shield experience was to enable both wifi and wired connections at the same time. You may want to check and make sure only one of them is enabled at one time.

That was actually one of the first things I tried. It is on wifi and I disabled the ethernet.

I understand there is no timeline on this, but is there any kind of work around I can implement? I’m regretting this whole Smartthings Link idea instead of getting another hub for this location. There are so many things wrong with this implementation its sad. I have almost 80 devices on this link hub and just to think if I have to factory reset my Shield, all is lost and needs to be setup again. Not to mention you guys have no backup/restore/migration tool even if I wanted to get a standard hub.

Same trouble here

Any good news here?

sorry, meant to @posborne

Any good news on this issue? Thanks

This has stopped lots of my things working… really need a fix for this asap!! thanks

Please provide an update. It has been one month.

I think we might be waiting a while. They stupidly decided to integrate the smarthings link app in to the system rom instead of it being a stand alone application. Which pretty much means when Nvidia releases a new version of the shield software it will hopefully be fixed. While it does affect us, we are probably not that big of a concern that Nvidia would release a patch just for this issue. We could potentially be waiting for an Android TV major release.

@posborne Can you confirm or not if the new Shield 7.1 update released today contains the fix for this issue?

does not appear to contain a fix :tired_face:

That stinks. I’m planning on loading it today. I guess I’ll buy a hub and move all of my devices.

@light_treason do yourself a favor and just buy a v2 hub. It took me a day or two to move everything over, but now I don’t have to worry about it. Smartthings Link will probably be discontinued before this gets fixed.

i literally sold my v2 hub on ebay the week before this issue happened. UGH. I’m guessing we’ll never see the promised migration mechanism any time soon either.

I think something will be implemented with v3 at some point, but it will probably screw everyone that doesn’t have v3 hub.

Sounds about right :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Hi @posborne any good news? NVIDIA support reps have been unable to respond with timing of the next system update. Can you?

For anyone else in this situation (for nearly 5 months)…

The Shield Experience 7.2 update got pushed today and…it did NOT include a fix for the Link’s IP address bug. I think it’s pretty obvious now why the ST staff has been so quiet on the timeline for the fix. Either NVIDIA has super-long development timelines, or it’s never coming at all.

That said, without this issue I would never have explored and switched over to Hubitat. Been loving it for the past month! Hopefully ST staff start to realize there are consequences to decisions.

7.2.1 should include a fix according to the release notes. I have yet to confirm this on my setup at home:

I don’t think I have the IP address issue, but I did notice that my z-wave discovery no longer works. I thought I just got a bad switch but I have several new devices that no matter what I try, I cannot get them to pair with the Link. Devices will exclude, but not include. And as of last night I also lost a device that was once working without issue and now can’t re-pair. I thought it was something wrong with my hub but it’s not out of the question to think that it is part of this list of bugs.