NuTone NWD500Z

Some help Please
I had to reset my hub and my NuTone wall switch has stoped working with smarting from what I have read it needs to be Reset.
I’ve called Nutone for help —nonexistent — no info on the cut sheet that came with the unit.
does any one know how to RESET this unit. (NWD500Z) I hate to replace this unit for something like this not even a year old.
Thanks JP

All Configuration commands will also be reset to their default state when the NWD500Z is removed from the Z-Wave network.

I will try removing it and see what happens.


@Jack_Parrish did that work for you?

No it did not.

I have uninstalled it in the hub. it’s a Z wave I’ve cleared it off of the smart things app tried various ways to install it in the unit just will not respond any longer and it was working fine and then I had to reset smart things hub to factory specs and after that nothing. Thanks for the help.

Same problem here and nothing seems to work , did you find a way to hard reset the dimmer?

I’m having the same issue - anyone here figure out some secret button presses to force the NWD500Z to reset? I vaguely recall finding something last time I had this problem (a few years ago, with the exact same Nutone model, I have a handful).