NuTone NGD00Z won't connect - Garage Door Opener

Hi All…

I bought a used NuTone NGD00Z garage door opener, and I think “used” may be my problem. Basically, I followed the instructions and also the various advice offered on this forum but no matter what I do, I can’t get the ST hub to find it.

I did put the battery into the tilt sensor and sat it within a few feet of the opener.

Basically, when I push the link button, the red LED blinks twice rapidly, waits, blinks twice rapidly again, and on for a bit before it beeps and stops.

I have two thoughts:

Perhaps, since it was used, it needs a reset? If so I can’t find any way to do that.

I have another garage door tilt sensor already in use on the garage door. Perhaps this is confusing it?

Suggestions greatly appreciated, thank you!

UPDATE: for what its worth, from the back of the unit:

DATE: 15091
FW: 2.0

Okay I figured it out. I was able to use ST to do a “general exclude” which resulted in “unknown device excluded”. I was then able to connect to it.

Just to give a final report, I did get this working.

To exclude it or include it, it needs to be rather closer to the hub; much closer than any other device I have yet worked with. Like 5 feet max. You want to pair it with your hub before you mount it in your garage.

First, I had to exclude it. Once I knew this it was easy, just do a ST “general exclude” and it will exclude whatever you trigger, whether it’s on the ST hub or not.

Next, reading around implies that this unit will work with the EcoLink garage door sensor. It will not. There is a very nice smart app that lets you select the sensor you want to use, but even if you select the EcoLink you still need to leave the original, included sensor in place and operational. I had a pre-existing EcoLink I was using and I left both sensors on the garage door. Given how important making sure you know where the door is, I like having a backup.

Had I not (1) bought the unit used and (2) not fought with it trying to use the EcoLink, I would have had this installed and running and well under 30 minutes. Most of that time would have been mounting it and wiring it to my opener.