Null field in SmartTiles ecobee3 tile

What data should be in the null field on this tile?

Thanks - that’s probably what it is. I just got it installed and set up yesterday and still ‘kicking the tires’

Actually… I think I guessed wrong. The sample value I see in our screen shots is “idle”; so it probably indicates the fan status or heating/cooling active or not.

It’s “Thermostat Operating State”…

Was there a resolution for this? I’m experiencing the same issue.

It appears that the device handler is not reporting thermostat’s operating state.

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What version of Ecobee Device Type Handler are you using? Is it published code for us to look at (i.e., in SmartThings public GitHub or ??).

I’m using the Ecobee Thermostat device type that loaded when I installed the thermostat

I’m presuming that it is this published one below, then.

NB: It does have this method

def generateOperatingStateEvent(operatingState) {
	sendEvent(name: "thermostatOperatingState", value: operatingState, descriptionText: "$device.displayName is ${operatingState}", displayed: true)

but it is never called??

@yaimavaldivia is the ST Engineer who last updated; perhaps she can help debug. It may be helpful to contact

Bringing this thread back to life. Has anyone made progress on this issue in SmartTiles? I still see “null” on my tile. I wouldn’t think it is an issue with SmartThings because the SmartThings app is able to read the status and report.

Bringing this back to life. Anyone have any lucky with this? I have the same as above “Null” in smart tiles, but it looks like smartthings is reading the operating mode.

This may be resolved in the next generation of SmartTiles “V6”.

We are deferring all non-critical issues of v5.

Hi. I’m a newbie and want to do a custom layout like yours. I noted at that Solution Module SmartApps are not yet available to us.

So if it’s not a Solution Module SmartApps, how did you create this layout?

Sorry for what is probably a really basic question.

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This is created with SmartTiles, the #1 web-based alternative client for SmartThings!

First install and configure and familarize yourself with SmartTiles (though a vastly improved version is in the final stages of Beta testing…).

Looks great. Thanks for the info.

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