NuHeat Heated Floor Thermostat & SmarThings?

Hi everybody,

The previous owners of out house put in NuHeat heated floors and this is my 1st time messing with these things. Am looking to replace the “dumb” thermostat for a smart one and the NuHeat smart one is not listed within SmartThings,.

I had to install one in another room where I don’t need automations as the original unit past away. I can see it in my Home Assistant VM and can control it so I have a backup plan, ST is main and would rather keep everything in 1 app.
I found the Sinope one which is compatible with ST. Am in Montreal, Canada if that has an impact.

So newbie questions:

  1. Are these things “universal” if yes I’d get the Sinope one and problem solved
  2. Has anyone got the NuHeat ones to work with ST? I looked in the forum here and found “vintage” posts or EU ones.

Any advice would be quite welcomed.