NuBryte Touchpoint and Ray Super Remote integration

Both of these devices sound amazing and I would LOVE to take advantage of them.

Does anyone know if these work with or even better has anyone had any luck integrating these?

Here are some links to the devices:

NyBryte Touchpoint

Ray Super Remote

I would REALLY love to use these! :smiley:

NuBryte looks really interesting but it’s extremely expensive to scale. Every room you want to control a light in will cost $199??? I can’t see this model surviving.

As far as Ray, looks like another Smarrtphone. Harmony has great physical removes and smartphone apps just as powerful, so I can’t see this product making w dent in Harmony’s armor,

It’s pretty, but it’s not really very functional. It’s a Wi-Fi tablet with a relay to control a wired light switch. That’s it. There’s no integration available at the present time with anything else, and as @Mbhforum mentioned, you need one of these for each light switch. $200 Per light switch.

The intercom feature is nice. The motion detection is OK but very limited.

Like most start ups, they say they are working on integrations with a bunch of other things, including IFTTT and zigbee, but there’s no timeline. They can probably add the Alexa skill the way Trilby did.

I like the looks of it. Once it gets IFTTT integration it might be fun to look at, especially if you need an intercom system. But still pretty pricey.

Functionally, You could do the same thing with a $50 android tablet, a baby monitor app, and a micro relay behind it. With much better integration. :sunglasses: Still, the Nubryte design is pretty, no question,

Hey JD @JDRoberts

I’ve just spent a some time reading about Nubryte and their current capabilities. I agree they have an uphill challenge in convincing folks to buy multiple units (or even one) at $200 price point.

Got me thinking.

It’s expensive if it’s just a posh lightswitch, if you only have one unit, the intercom is less than desirable. Couldn’t really care too much about the alarm feature in its current form, but other features are interesting.

It’s cheap if…
It had Alexa functionality, removes a Dot purchase$
If it had a beautiful Sonons music control UI removing a need for $40 Pico remote which isn’t that functional anyhow.
It removes Zwave light switch $50+ Or scene controller $120+
It removes need to purchase room motion sensor and temperature sensor $40
It removes the need for Arlo or Dropcams $100+
It could integrate with ST of course.

It they made this smart home friendly and did not try to build their own echo system it could make smart home much easier to deploy in core rooms etc. One device, many uses in one neat package.

I’d actually buy a bunch and save a bundle. I fear it’s my pipedream for a company to be truly progressive but it has potential.

Now back to that intercom, that would be icing along with a remote client to my Honeywell Alarm panel or similar backed instead of that standalone thing they did.

Good to dream but I just wrote to them and said the above…

I totally agree with you! I’d really love to have this device be fully ST integrated