NuBryte and Belkin cams

The following products are even well known devices or are emerging new products with a lot of potential. It will be great to add to the the ST Hub:

  1. Belkin HD Cams
  2. NuBryte Touchpoints
  3. Sentri

Nubryte now on sale on Amazon

Anyone had any luck integrating the NuBryte Touchpoint or Ray super remote yet?

Nubryte discussion here:

Short take: it’s a Wi-Fi tablet with a relay to control one wired light switch. So you would need one $200 unit for every light switch. And so far it has no integration with anything else. They say they’re working on IFTTT, which would give you some more integration, but still – – really pricey for what it is. A $50 android tablet with a baby monitor app Plus a micro relay would give you everything Nubryte has at about half the price, plus much better integration. But the newbryte design is pretty, for sure.