NU8000 compatibility

I’m relatively new to the ST community, so far i’ve got about half my rooms swapped to smart lighting / get dimmers and fan controls. my Nest thermostat is tied in, and i’m looking to get my AV system upgraded and tied in.

What i’d like to find out, is if anyone has first hand experience with the 65/75" NU8000 series, and if it’s possible to setup scenes that include it, such as turning the TV on, swapping to a specific Input etc.

I use a Logitech Harmony Hub for exactly this.
It then can be controllable with voice commands as well.

I’m just wondering if the new NU8000 even works with Smartthings because the nu7000 does not just made that mistake. If it does you should be able to select scenes. Like above harmony will.

They all connect to the new smartthings app now. The problem is that you need to wait to be migrated or spend hours starting from scratch.

In short, don’t ever expect to be able to add the device from the legacy app. They’re not even working on it.

That’s exactly why I didn’t get the 7000, even though the picture is comparable aside from the hdr10, though I may just look into the harmony hub, eventually what I’m hoping to do, is pair whatever TV with a Denon heos, and use ir capable HDMI/ component switches to verbally switch between devices, if that makes sense. Would the harmony hub allow for that level of granular control?

What do you mean migrated? I have St and St classic apps

I believe so although I do not use hdmi “switches” myself.
You can always go to the harmony site and check for compatibility with your devices prior to buying the hub.

As for the migration question, Samsung’s newer phones have the “new” connect app baked in.

The migration that they are referring to is that you will get a notification at some point(In the classics app) to update/ link the two passwords together. In my case this meant that my devices and such had been migrated into the new connect app, as they are now all there and controllable.

That said,
The classic app is still more flexible/compatible. Meaning that custom apps and device handlers do not work in the new connect app along with some older “features” of the classic app.

Most people still use the classic app for the time being for, and I use this term lightly, “reliability” and customization.

Hope that helps a bit.