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NST Manager Update UK


i think i integrated with Git-hub - its shows in my ST setup and i can choose the update repo

I then click on SmarthingsPublic(master) only option

and after a while i get 3 boxed left and middle empty and right full of git hub links but no nest links that i can see

what do you think i have done wrong?

i got it working forgot to add the nest repo - done now

still showing an update on the app says i am on 5.20 and 5.31 is upto date - not sure how to update this as no updates available on repo

Have you updated the app AND the device handlers?

smartapps are showing linked in git hub - i then to go update from repo and no updates show

i go to device handlers and update from repo and no update showing as well.

not sure where else

when i go to the My device tab it shows as dev ver 5.2 - but have no idea how to update it as i can’t see any other way to update

I can´t believe that this is working, many thanks! I did that much research on this but didn´t find that information. This is really cool.

Type ‘GitHub UK’ into the forum search box and this is the first thing to come up :wink: :

I also included the required steps to activate GutHub in my webCoRE installation video, which some users may find helpful:

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You need to share screenshots of the SmartApps and Device Handlers Page in IDE so I can see all the columns.

here you go

That all looks correct.

Open NST Manager up in Automation / SmartApps (mobile app) and press Save or Done until it exits you back out to the SmartApps page again. Then open it back up and see if it refreshes the version.

gone to automation

clicked next, save and done and no real prompt or notifcations
then dragged down to refresh to check
and this is what i have on app

Open your thermostat again in Things.

Click on the Gear icon and click Save. Then exit out of the device and open it again.

Wait never mind. Don’t do that.

You have an issue.


You see the Feb 8th date in the device. Your device hasn’t updated since then.

If you look in the main NST Manager thread (where this issue should have been posted), this happened to several people. SmartThings did something with 3rd party tokens between Feb 6 and 8.

Very important here:

Do not jump one step ahead of me or you will run into trouble.

First question. Are you using the token from the Nest Developer account you created or are you using a token generated by NST Manager?

I’m willing to assist you now if you want to stay with me, otherwise it’s going to have to wait until I have time. :slight_smile:

not sure i registered onthe nest dev account - anyway to check?

As part of your install did you copy paste clientID and clientSecret in Settings in NST Manager?

If you did that, then you are using token from Nest Developer account that you created.

Do you rememberer creating a Nest Developer Account?

I’m asking this to find out if your current NST Manager is using a NST Manager token or yours. This is super important to know for steps I have you take.

Do me a favor and goto your Nest Mobile app and open Works with Nest and then you should see the account for SmartThings. Take a screenshot of that page. Then select it and take a screenshot of the top of that page.

I did create a nest dev account
in my nest account i only see alexa listed see below

Edit NST Manager in IDE and click on Settings. Is the clientID and clientSecret populated with information?

Don’t post a screenshot of that info. That’s private.

yep they match what is in the nest dev account

product id = client iD in NST manager
product secret = clientsecret in NST Manager

Perfect. Need to know that before these steps. If you were using the NST Manager token, you would have had to redo your whole install.

Ok so do this for me. Exit out of NST Manager in mobile app and then Open NST Manager again in mobile app. Take screenshot and stop

open nst thermostat smart app in smartthings - or go to NST manager in automation?