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NST Manager Real-Time Events


(Steve ) #61

So I think I have this all set up correctly, however I am still seeing around a 20s delay from the log-file noticing an event to when webcore gets a notification. Do I need to use something else as the trigger for webcore, ie. something that comes directly from this real-time event stream rather than the nest-camera itself detecting a motion?

I have rest streaming but do not have “use local network to send events” turned on as I found when I did nothing got picked up.

Any thoughts?



(Ryan Winslow) #62

Completed all steps on apple iphone XS. installed nest manager version 5.5.8. update 12-27-2018. says enter login to nest click to enter creditials. once clicked it opens a nest page and i sign in. it says nest oops! ve’ve encountered an error. please try again. i have over and over. i click done on top right.and next. now it wont let me go further without entering nest location tap to set. there are no available options. i click done. i am in the same reeat steps without being able to complete.

(Eric) #63

You should check you created your nest token/secret correctly

There are notes in the main nest thread about ensuring no spaces, proper permissions, etc.

Accepting the permissions request in the nest mobile app is also important if it asks.

(Montstable) #64

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve installed everything as stated above on a Raspberry Pi B+ sitting on my network and everything seems to be working, apart from the person specific motion. As soon as I turn this on within the individual camera settings, all motion event stop. I’ve debugged using webcore as well and it seems that if the person motion toggle is turned on all motion events stop.

I’m pretty sure that this is what Sven a couple of posts is also getting, but has anyone managed to fix this? I just need a light to turn on if a person enters a particular zone on my driveway.