NST Manager Real-Time Events


(Anthony S.) #41

Just a heads up that I updated the app.js file to resolve this issue :slight_smile:

(Sean Donaghey) #42

Will Rest streaming allow me to get notification of motion from my Nest Hello? I am trying to setup an automation that when someones comes to the door, to turn on the porch light to full brightness.

(Eric) #43

If the Nest hello camera is in Nest’s API, then NST Manager can see it.

Functions such as the door bell are not in the Nest APIs.

(Eric) #44

As FYI, the latest version of the streaming module is 2.0.1.

(Anthony S.) #45

I have updated the Instruction above with the new path to the script

(Rhys) #46

@tonesto7 What is local node service? I tried it and selected my v2 hub and it didn’t seem to stream (switched to polling) is there some additional setup I need to make on the hub to make this work?

(Sean Donaghey) #47

I’m just looking for notifications from the Nest hello when motion is detected. I thought I read that NST Manager basically treats the Hello as a camera, so I should technically be able to do things inside of SmartThings to detect motion, shouldn’t I?

(Rhys) #48

This is definitely possible especially with webcore. I am using the motion trigger for a couple of things including notifications and turning lights on.
there is about a 3-second delay even with the streaming service but it works for my use cases.


I’m receiving notification from nest manager updates are available : Stream service: v2.0.1
please visit the IDE to update code

How do I do that update I do not see way to update (nest outdoor camera)

(Rhys) #50

From the first post:

Getting Updates

To make sure you are running the latest script always pull in the latest script by running these two commands:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tonesto7/nst-streaming/master/nst_utility_script.sh -O nst_utility_script.sh

./nst_utility_script.sh -u


Thank you :slight_smile:

(Rhys) #52

Anyone figure out how to use the Local Hub comms?

(Jared) #53

I’m guessing I need to open port 3000 if I’m using UFW on my RasPi… Correct?

(Rhys) #54

Yes, the default port is 3000. You can change it with the -port parameter

(Rhys) #55

I figure out why I can’t get local streaming to work, the DNI is already in use by another service on the device. I’m trying to figure out how to register the service as another device on the same MAC. I see that Hue registers as MAC/1, MAC/2 etc.

(Rob Whapham) #56

I recently got a Raspberry Pi to host InfluxDB/Grafana, Google Assistant Relay, and NST Manager Real-Time Events (among other things). The install script for this worked great, though it appears to install v10.12.0 of nodeJS (or perhaps just the latest?). Unfortunately, Google Assistant Relay only seems to work with node v8. If I downgrade, will NST Manager Real-Time Events still work; or does it require v10? Thanks in advance.

(Greg) #57

Have you tried using NVM? You can install multiple versions of Node, and pick which version you want to run for each application

(Eric) #58

I run nst streaming with V10

(Rob Whapham) #59

@ghesp, I’ll have to check that out. I’m relatively new to node, so I wasn’t aware you could have side-by-side. Thanks.


So I’m unsure if this is the proper thread for this, but I have NST manager installed and just installed REST running on an Ubuntu server. I’ve successfully linked the REST service in the NST Manager and it shows active.

I have a Nest Hello and I am trying to trigger my front porch light to turn on when motion is sensed. Had a 1st gen Ring and it worked flawlessly (apart from the delay due to the way it handled motion), but getting this Nest setup is proving to be a bear. Just to test it is not the piston I set the trigger to “is inactive” and did a test and the light came on perfectly.

Seems like there is an issue with the camera sending motion alerts even with REST active. I’ll say I don’t see any logs related to motion when I look in the IDE. I see a bunch every hour or so where the sound device is detected then immediately not detected. I can upload the piston, but it’s very basic and my guess is that is fine, so let me know what logs I can post to help out.

I think I may have figured it out. In the device settings in the IDE there is an option for MotionOnPersonOnly. I set that to FALSE and now it triggers. Very odd though that it didn’t trigger with that set to TRUE as UPS dropped off a package and I got the alert from the NEST app that a person was at the door, but still no light came on. If anyone has any insight as to why this setting would affect it please let me know.

**EDIT 2
I created another post about this explaining in detail what I am seeing, but in brief even with the changes I made above this does not trigger to turn the light on with motion. Or I should say with a person moving in front of it. It will randomly turn on when cars pass or my neighbors lights go on, but not with an actual person in front of it. I counted at least three people in the comments above including the creator of the app that claim to be using it for this exact use case, so if that is true and someone actually has it working please let me know what your settings are. Thank you