NST Manager - Nest login not working

I installed the NST Manager, attempting to follow these instructions: NST Manager - Things That Are Smart Wiki

However, when I try to provide my Nest credentials, it just opens a blank google.com screen.

Any ideas???

Empty google screen, after clicking on “Login to Nest”.

Because it does not work anymore:

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Ugh. Well, that’s annoying! I actually tried to read that thread before I posted this, but it had a lot of other stuff that didn’t seem relevant and I gave up - haha.

I am a total beginner to all of this, and just spent 1-2 hours getting this far… I wish there had been a warning somewhere along the way, and/or it should be removed from the community installer. :frowning:

Anyway, is there another way to control your Nest through ST in order to get more functionality than the standard device that got set up automatically when I linked them?

Hi, this custom Nest integration is still working and has been upgraded to work with the migrated custom capabilities/automation and new UI presentation.