Nox Player Noxplayer compatability

I used to be able to use the ST app in this Android emulator. For the past month or so it just crashes and will not let me sign in. I can open it but that is about it.

Are you using any other emulator successfully? A Windows or QT app would be really helpful Samsung.


There is a windows app, but its very limited. What version of Android does your emulator run?

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Nox version:
Android version: Android 7(32 bit)

That is the latest version of Nox.

Thanks for the info about the Windows app. Sooooo, it looks ok but I cannot see the properties for any devices. I want to see the history for a device but that is not possible :confused: Unfortunately this issue is common in the reviews but it appears that Samsung doesn’t care.


The issue was that Nox was defaulting to v7 of Android and the ST app expects v8. I had to change the version of Android in Nox to get it to install.

Another piece of info if you are trying this.

I can install it using v9 android and this emulator but when I run the ST App it won’t work because it requires location turned on (Ok but why) and then it crashes Nox when trying to use Bluetooth.

I cannot get it to start without location and then I cannot get it to not try to use Bluetooth.

Very disappointed. Why does it care if it knows my location and why require Bluetooth? I do not have any devices that would need that.