Now thats a multi sensor!

(Brian) #1

Wow, talk about a jack of all trades sensor!

  • 8 Senses: motion, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, acceleration, ambient light, a button, and invisible tripwire (2x Sensor’s required)
  • 3 things to control: low-voltage relay (operate a gate, garage, remote, etc), seven-color led light and a sound buzzer to alert you to stuff happening
  • 2 expansion ports: Plant moisture sensor (optional), contact sensor (optional), and lots of future stuff. Also great for hackers looking to expand the system.

(Brian Smith) #2

Cool functionality, but it doesn’t look like it would “blend in” very well. I really want my sensors to “disappear” in my house whenever possible. That generally leads to a high WAF. (By the way, where is our list of acronyms sticky post? :smile: )

(Brian Smith) #3

Now, the Glowline looks pretty interesting. It appears to be a make-your-own Philips Friends of Hue light strip.

(Brian) #4

Agreed. I commented on it briefly, here

(Drew) #5

are these z wave? It didnt outright say in the profile. Seems really cool (though as brain said… big)

(Brian) #6

not sure if they are z-wave or zigbee

(Engelwood) #7

Looks to be “2.4Ghz 6LoWPAN wireless” from the image here.