Now thats a multi sensor!

Wow, talk about a jack of all trades sensor!

  • 8 Senses: motion, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, acceleration, ambient light, a button, and invisible tripwire (2x Sensor’s required)
  • 3 things to control: low-voltage relay (operate a gate, garage, remote, etc), seven-color led light and a sound buzzer to alert you to stuff happening
  • 2 expansion ports: Plant moisture sensor (optional), contact sensor (optional), and lots of future stuff. Also great for hackers looking to expand the system.

Cool functionality, but it doesn’t look like it would “blend in” very well. I really want my sensors to “disappear” in my house whenever possible. That generally leads to a high WAF. (By the way, where is our list of acronyms sticky post? :smile: )

Now, the Glowline looks pretty interesting. It appears to be a make-your-own Philips Friends of Hue light strip.

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Agreed. I commented on it briefly, here

are these z wave? It didnt outright say in the profile. Seems really cool (though as brain said… big)

not sure if they are z-wave or zigbee

Looks to be “2.4Ghz 6LoWPAN wireless” from the image here.