Novabot - lawnmower robot zigbee integration with the base platform


A new product in development under Indiegogo which uses Zigbee to communicate with its base platform. Not sure when it will be delivered as any product on Indiegogo…

this should give the squirrels a good run for their nuts.

In terms of mowing features, this looks very similar to the new Segway Navimow, currently scheduled for release in the Spring of 2022, at a similar price.

As far as integration possibilities, my guess (just a guess) is that the Novabot will not offer direct integration with ST, but they are promising an IFTTT channel, so that might offer partial integration if they deliver on it. No idea about the Segway model yet.

Here is a YouTube video of the prototype in action…

@yvesracine, where do you see the Zigbee details? I cannot find it.

Looking at the features, it will need WiFi to be able to use the camera remotely. The RTK-GPS with 0.8" precision sounds great, but it would ever work like that on an empty field and not anywhere nearby buildings or trees.
The rest of the features sounds promising, but usually means that it will be delivered in 5 years time when they will come out with version 2 or 3 already.

It’s indicated at their FB page. They have developed a visual odometry module on top of RTK-GPS according to their indiegogo updates.

I like those ideas, and I think all robotic lawnmowers use it for at least measuring distance and turns (heading). But I am bit sceptic when I see my Work Landroid spinning the wheels and ripping out the grass in the corners or when it reaches something what it cannot go through and cannot really see, like the legs of a trampoline.

But if it is combined with MEMS sensors than it should work. I just cannot believe that precision.

I used to work with surveyors and I know what are the limitations of the equipment.

If they do introduce marker points as well known coordinates, then yes. That would put the positioning back on track.
I think that is how the Boston Dynamics Spot robot is working. Adam Savage has a cool video about it. It uses QR coded markers for the tasks.