Notify when motion stops

I have a setup which is disabling a heater when motion stops in the room.
It doesn’t seem to be working so I also want it to notify me but that isn’t an option of the smart app I am using. I have the heater connected to a Aeon Smart Switch and I have it turning on when motion is detected and off when motion stops for more than 5min.

How can I add notification when motion stops ? I swear I was able to find stuff like this easier in V1 of the app. I am lost in the new V2 app.

Most old SmartApps are completely compatible with App V2, sometimes minor fixes.

Do you have the source code?

Safety and security, notify me when, the device turns off

Source code to what ? I am looking for an app to notify when motion stops. Never had one before. I just can’t find stuff in V2 app :smile:

yea saw that but it doesn’t have notify when motion stops. I want to be notified when motion has stopped for more than x min.

Guess once again I have to write my own :smile:

If you already have this working

Then this should work fine and give you exactly what you want. It will be a different trigger, but the same notice @ the same time. you can also use smart rules and web rule builder.

Source code for the SmartApp you were using, of course!

I now guess you were using a “Dashboard Solution SmartApp” for which none of the source code was published by SmartThings and the installation option for these SmartApps themselves were stupidly just ripped out of the system when they deployed App V2 and deprecated nearly all the Dashboards…

That was the point, it isn’t working so I want to monitor the motion to see what is happening. My second sentence was “It doesn’t seem to be working” :smile:

I must have done a terrible job explaining this one :smile:

I configured the “Automate Lights and Switches” smart app to turn on the smart switch to my heater when it detects motion. It has an option “Turn off after motion stops” but that isn’t working well. This smart app has no features to notify. So I want to add a notify app to my motion sensor.

What I want to do is simply display an app notification when the motion stops for 5 min.

This sort of simple notification may or may not have been in the old Dashboard Solution SmartApps.

Since not… Well… I presume you can write a sufficient single purpose SmartApp and get back if there’s something you’re stuck on?

I’m not being facetious, I just can’t find out why you found this easier in V1 vs V2…??

Not really sure. Maybe because stuff was working, LOL. If I had the V1 app to compare I might be able to explain but I don’t so I just know it seems harder for me now.

I think I may have found one that might work but it crashes every time I click + to configure.
SmartApps->SmartThings Recommends->SmartHome monitor-Custom
This takes you to page which reads “Create monitoring rules to let you know what’s happening in your home”…sounds promising
Select + “New Monitoring rule”…Crash

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I have the V1.7.5 Android App and can upload the APK for you to sideload onto your Android, if that can be of any help.

I fear that any day now there will be some critical change made on the SmartThings back-end that will render the V1 App obsolete, unfortunately. Until that date, I will not be updating the App on my phone.

Regardless, I don’t trust the new SHM – it is far too generic for my preferences. The Lights & Switches shortcut SmartApps (of V1) were good for quite a few situations, but now those are replaced and I have to start over. This is plain ludicrous. A customer-focused company doesn’t disable working functions without providing a migration path. Even when MS Excel made a major modification from old-style macros into VisualBasic for Applications, they automatically ported the code.