Notify when door contact is opened only during time window

My wife asked me if she can get a text message reminding her of something when she is leaving for work. I checked all of the existing apps and hit the forums. I found ones that work with the modes. I also found a few threads that are older than 2 years saying that this is possible so I wonder if it was a feature that used to be there.

So basically I am looking for a SmartApp that says:
If contact is open during 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Mon-Fri, send push notification to mobile.

I tried seeing if I can do this with the Modes but I can’t set the mode to only be on between those times. My other reason for not wanting to use the modes is I still want to use those for notifications during the night and when we are both away.

Thanks in advanced.

CoRE can do this, if you’re not intimidated by techie stuff, you can do this :slight_smile:

And there is always help here if you get stuck putting your pistons (rules) together.

Notify When will also do this.