Notify on life 360 plus sensor open

Hello all, I’m a new user so apologies if the following request seems easy through default functionality. I just can’t figure it out.

Basically, I have a door sensor to monitor open / close, and life 360 users linked to SmartThings. I wish to create a text alert to my mobile phone if I leave the home, and the door sensor is open.

In short, 2 IF conditions (door sensor open, life 360 user leaves home) generates an SMS event.

I thought this would be pretty basic but cannot find an option to set two conditions in the app. All help appreciated, and thank you for adding me to the community.

Check out webCoRE at


Another way install ‘notify when app’

Select mode Away.
Select contact sensor.
Give it a cool name.

Install it here:

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Perfect thank you

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