Notify me when switch on for X minutes?

(Ryan) #1

I’ve searched my mind out and can’t seem to find what seems like it should be pretty straightforward.

If a light is on for a given amount of time, I want it to notify me, not turn the switch off. I see how to turn a switch off if it’s been on for some amount of time but, just in case someone is still in the room, I don’t want them to be left in the dark. I just want a notification so the person who forgot to turn it off, if not still there, gets a reminder to turn it off.

(Robin) #2

Sounds like you haven’t discovered the CoRE smartapp yet:

What you want is about 1% of what this amazing app can do!!

(Ryan) #3

I am using CoRE to turn a light on when arriving home after sunset and turning it off after 10 minutes. However, I don’t see notifications or texting in CoRE. The wiki doesn’t seem to cover that either. Am I missing something?

(Robin) #4

It’s an option under ‘add task’ when defining your ‘THEN’ section. Scroll down.

(Ryan) #5

Ah, found it. Didn’t realize I had to use the location toggle. Thanks Robin for the help!

(Robin) #6

Should be available under devices as well as when using the location toggle.

It is for me??

(Robin) #7

Or maybe it’s because I have ‘expert mode’ turned on in the main settings?

(Ryan) #8

I don’t see it but I don’t have expert mode enabled and I’m obviously not an expert with this yet.