Notify Me When cannot be installed

Notify Me when…

I choose: a.) A Contact b.) Message Text c.) a phone number d.) A nickname

Yet when I go for the install it results in the following message:

"SmartApp installation requires that all fields have been filled out"

I even tried filled out every single field just for the hell of it, same error! Anyone have any advice?
I leave my home for a couple months tomorrow and want this working.

Regards! :slight_smile:

Update: Having this issue with the Smart Security now too. What the heck is going on! Hm…

I am having the same problem using Notify Me When. Considering this is my first day of trying to configure and setup my new Things for the very first time, my frustration level is skyrocketing. I am somewhat relieved to see that it is not just me doing something wrong. Please let me know when fixed!!!

I think this is highlighting a huge gap in ST’s. There is little or no support for the apps. I PM’d a question to the author of one app and never heard back.

I understand and can appreciate the apps are written at the whim of the author and the fact that we can use them is only because they have been kind enough to allow it.

However, that’s not basis of a successful business model.

This has been fixed, thank you for your report and please let us know if any continued issues with this or any other SmartApp, thanks!

@David Forgianni

Indeed! I installed four Notify SmartApps and they gave me no issue.
Tested them, and they all performed their functions properly! Great!

This problem was cause by the water sensor not including “,required: false” in the app.

As of this morning the example code still had this error but the published “Convenience” app was fixed.

So if you use the example code “Notify me when” to make your own app just add “required: false” to water sensor and it will work great.