"Notify me when" app misbehaving

I been using this for about 3 months on a couple of Samsung motion sensors and the app is set to notify me when the system is armed only (Away). No issues until yesterday morning when, whilst at home I get continual notification of motion when in the relevant rooms. The problem continued after yesterdays hub update. I have removed the devices, re-booted the hub, removed the app and re-installed, all to no avail. Anyone else with this problem? I’m aware that some users had similar problems in September - but no idea what the solution was. Probably open a ticket?

send a ticket to support, I’m sure they can help you

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Will do. In the meantime I’m using Smart Alarm by geko@statusbits.com. Working just fine.

I’m using this app on a few devices (no motion sensors) and do not seem to be having a problem.

Well Support came back very quickly indeed to me and asked me re-install etc. I politely declined since I have an app that works really well now. One interesting thing I did note was that the new app disables the motion sensors when disarmed. The Samsung app never did. They always noted movement even though there was no alarm message sent out - until the other day of course. I am considering the matter closed as far as my own set-up is concerned.