Notifications with Rules API

Is it possible to send push notifications to the app using the Rules API?

Need that functionality for some automations, for example to give a headsup if a device isn’t drawing power at a certain time etc.

Hey, @Sedda

What comes to my mind is that from the Rules Breakdown at the CommandActions description, set the Health Check capability, and then just write the proper If Action logic… Not a notification itself, but maybe some kind of command to let me notice it… maybe trigger a knock from the Multi Purpose Sensor… still thinking about it.

Share if you have more ideas.


Thanks for the input @erickv. Could use something similar as a workaround I guess.

Things I’ve done as of late is downloaded the Swagger specification from here
Didn’t find anything interesting to be able to create notifications, but haven’t digged in that deep yet.

Created an automation using the new Smartthings app and tried retrieving it using the Rules API
Response came up empty, so those are probably not done in the same way.

May not be possible to create notifications at this time using the Rules API. Had some other more complex use cases for automations that would benefit from notifications, but perhaps I got to rethink how to solve those.

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Hi @Sedda, sorry responding at this time.

About the Rules API, it isn’t fully implemented yet, but you can create a Rule at a SmartApp’s INSTALL lifecycle using the personal access token from a .env variable, for now at least… due to the fact that the rules scopes requested at the INITIALIZE have not been implemented, so blocks the SmartApp page. But, the sure thing is that you can create the Subscriptions at the INSTALL lifecycle with the authToken received… now it is up to you how to handle it at EVENT lifecycle.