Notifications to Android App over 3G is flakey


I have 3 mobile devices and one is acting differently depending whether it’s connected to wifi or 3G.

The 3 devices are

  1. iPad wifi & 3G
  2. Samsung Android tablet wifi
  3. Samsung Google Nexus phone wifi & 3G

The problem is that device 3 will only receive notifications that are sent via a sendPush() if the phone is connected to wifi. If I’m using 3G data then the ST app will NOT display the notification. As soon as I connect to a wifi network all outstanding notifications are delivered successfully. Apart from this the ST app seems to work ok.

The iPad displays notifications immediately regardless of the network it’s connected to. And the Android tablet always works on wifi.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get push notifications working on my Android phone while not connected to wifi?

All other apps and networking are working fine on my phone - only the ST notifications are giving me grief.