Notifications of motion while home and disarmed

(Fubka) #1

Help, I get notifications from both the Samsung motion sensor and Zooz motion sensor while that SmartThings app is set to home and even disarm. The notification also sends an SMS. It does not give the intruder alert, but just a notification which is annoying.

(jkp) #2

Go to My Home : Things and click on the devices (one at a time of course) and in the menu at the top, click on SmartApps. The list will show every smartapp that device is associated with. You can click on each one to find where the notifications are set up. Most likely one of the rules you set up in Smart Home Monitor.

(Fubka) #3

Thanks, I do not have any rules setup for home. From the ST app:

Neither has “home” selected in the next settings options. This is so frustrating.

Here is my debug:

935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug Sending push
935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug motion:active, pushAndPhone:Yes, 'Motion Detected’
935face7-1dc9-4da2-a490-cecedd24268b 10:55:09 PM: debug Notify got evt
a1f43262-c846-40eb-bd47-1bcedc91b172 10:55:09 PM: debug Motion is active
a1f43262-c846-40eb-bd47-1bcedc91b172 10:54:53 PM: debug Motion is inactive


(Steve ) #4

How are you getting your SmartThings to change mode ?
Double check it’s actually changing them correctly.

(Ricci Hoffer) #5

Check your Custom rules in SHM. They do not show up in the Smart apps tab for the device.

(jkp) #6

??? I am confused. My custom SHM rules show in the SmartApps tab in devices.

(Ricci Hoffer) #7

Sorry, used my MYQ garage door to verify, forgetting the rule I had was using the garage door sensor and not the door device itself. My bad.