Notifications after multiple motion sensors?

I need to set a trigger to get notified after 2 sensors are triggered.
I have a toddler that has been getting up at night. I want to have a sensor in his room and one in the hallway. If I use just the hallway we trigger it when going to the kitchen. If I use just the bedroom then it triggers when he moves in his bed, so if I can say if these two sensors are triggered in x amount of time then do x. Can this be done?


I’ve been using:

Not sure if it’s still working or not, but I use it to reduce false motion alerts for SHM.

Thanks. I’ll check it out. Does this have to install and run from a computer on the network like some work arounds? Seems like such a simple thing that is needed especially with using as security system. I did this kind of thing 25 years ago with simple dumb plc controller in school. Basic ifttt command

Let’s see - just as a mental exercise using Smart Lighting (though I’d normally use Stringify, and I know others would use WebCore - I just have fun creating with what’s there sometimes)

  • Create a virtual switch for Bedroom Sensor - Switch BS (using Virtual Device Creator - BS for Bedroom Sensor)

In Smart Lighting create automations -

  • If Bedroom Sensor senses motion then flip on Switch BS - turn off after x minutes of no motion (you decide - it’s like arming Toddler alarm - when does it disarm?)
  • if Hallway sensor senses motion then send you alert (or do what you want) ONLY if Switch BS is on (look under “more options”)

Worth a try for a quick solution :slight_smile: (And if it works I think it would even be local!)

(Of course it would fire if your toddler moved in bed and then you were in hallway, but that still is “both sensors within x time”).

[I just simplified after re-reading your use case]

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Also, you could also just point/ direct the bedroom sensor so it is not affected by his moving around in bed but just by him heading to door - only trigger after a certain time.

As a smartapp, it will run in the SmartThings cloud.

You might find the two following FAQs helpful ( The topic title is a clickable link):

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