Notification Timing

I get a notification when my hub goes offline for any reason, and again when it comes back on. and that is all well and good.

Problem is, it only has to be offline for less than a minute for that to happen. Less than a minute offline and back on is not really necessary for me to know.

Is there any setting to tell it not to notify unless it has been offline for a longer period?

I thought the presence timeout was for physical presence, such as my phone.

Is this for hub offline instead?

My bad. You’re right. I’ll delete my post…I don’t want to confuse people.

I don’t get any notification until hub has been off for about 10-15 minutes. One minute does seem excessive

Maybe I should clarify. I can’t say for sure that the notification comes that quick as I don’t know it’s offline until it happens. But I get the offline notification, then usually the back online about a minute later. That’s why I assumed it was coming quick. If it’s only off line for a minute I don’t really need a notification.