Notification that includes person who caused the trigger?

My wife is concerned that Garage Door is being opened by someone other than me. Is there way for the notification to say “%user opened the garage door”?

How are you triggering the garage to open?

If using presence to open the door, put a notification on the arrival. Or in the routine that opens the door.

Or run separate routines for each person that arrives that opens the door.

Also CoRE might be in your future if standard ST functionality doesn’t handle this the way you want.

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how are you going to convince the guy that smashes the window and pulls the emergency garage door release, to 1. load the smartapp, 2. register and login as a new user on your system 3. add his own presence to your routine or core piston?

seems unlikely to ease your wife’s concerns. I mean, they would probably just use a fake name when they registered.

We’re using

with a Evolve LFM-20 Fixture Module and Ecolink Tilt Sensor.

What’s happened in one occasion is the garage door closes and the tilt
sensor accurately reads as closed but the virtual device gets stuck as
opened, the next morning i’m guessing the virtual device reset itself and
activated the fixture module causing the door to open, thinking it was
closing it.

There’s been other occasions were SmartThings triggers our garage door to
open without any of us doing anything which is alarming (although it’s been
very rare). It’s not really for burglary but it’s to check if the garage
door being opened was intentional or SmartThings is acting up.

Do you mean to know which user account was used by the ST app in which a button was pressed to open the garage? Or the name of the presence sensor that came home and triggered a routine that opened the garage?

It would be the name of the user account used by ST app which pressed the
open garage button. What I setup temporarily was a notification that says
the garage door is open and whether or not I’m home. Which helps, but I was
wondering if I can take it a step further.

I had to disable the presence sensor triggering the garage door because
even though I’d be at work, 20 miles away, it would randomly say I was home
and trigger the garage. Which is a shame because it was pretty convenient.