Notification for offline device status

Smartthings App shows me when a device goes offline on the Favourites screen with a little icon on the very top of the screen (along with Home Monitor, temperature, etc)
Is there a way to get a notification on my smartphone for this instead to having to open the App to see a device went offline?

Do you use SharpTools? If so, you can do it with a rule run at regular intervals:

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Thanks @Bry
I have use sharptools a little bit before. I wish they offered a little more details on how to for this one. It looks like

  1. Run a timer on regular interval
  2. Use http action to get offline status
  3. Parse the information somehow
  4. Send notification for offline devices

Requires getting a token from smartthings.
Also required a premium subscription of sharptools…
I presume something similar could be done with node-red?

All in all a little dissapointed have to jump through hoops (pay?) to get something simple done

If you search the Sharptools community there are posts on how to loop for interval execution

There is no free lunch

Thanks, for clarity, I am not complaining that sharptools cost. I know they have some free stuff and I have some simple scripts - grateful for that. They need to keep their business going so have to charge for some services.
I find it problematic that SmartThings App itself does not have the ability to do this (notify when a device goes offline) natively.

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I agree. The fact they have it on the favourite page now, leads me to believe this should be a simple process to implement this as a notification to your phone.