Notification delay

no screen shots as at work at mo but will update if they are required

i have set up a trigger if shed door is opened when i am home to send a notification this is working fine and a very simple piston
but how do i delay the notification say i go to shed get the notification once and then delay the piston from running for say 30 mins

cheers baz

You could probably create some logic that would do it within the original piston, but I would create another piston that when the shed door is opened waits 30 seconds(to give time for the notification to happen), pause notification piston, wait 30 minutes, and resume notification piston.

This is what you are looking for. There is no need for a second piston.
Where you have your send notification action change it to wait 30 minutes then scroll down and add your notification back into the same action like above.

Then your notifications will be delayed by 30 minutes.

Edit: your request seems to be a bit ambiguous. Can you try to explain it again.

Are you not wanting a notification for 30 minutes? Or are you not wanting to get another notification after the first for 30 minutes?

Thanks for from all the replies
I am after the orginal notification when the door is opened to come tho right away but not a repeat notification for say 30 mins if door is closed and opened again after 5 / 10 mins

You’re right. I was thinking of something else. It should be a trigger in the IF section. Good catch.

thank you all for the input and help i switched over to the notify me as suggested and this works a treat

many thanks Baz