Nothing working in the new app all of a sudden (21 October 2020)

Everything was buzzing along fine today until about 1 hour ago. Google started stating devices were unreachable, then I opened the SmartThings (new) app and all devices, automations, etc, were all missing. Just an error about the hub being offline (it’s not).

A further investigation noticed the classic app (working all along as well, despite being “turned off”) is showing an old location assigned to my account that I deleted a about 8 months ago, current location not showing.

Logged into the IDE, everything looks fine.

Strangely enough all WebCore pistons are working fine as well.

I logged out of the new app and tried to log back in, now all I get is a blue spinning circle and “Getting things ready…” that never stops.

I think the hot patch screwed up my account association somehow… but I’m afraid of the next step to help get it back together - already wrote an email to support, but they are nearly useless.



One of my locations has completely disappeared. It’s there in the IDE, but not available in both new and classic app.

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Definitely something is up, my wife’s account (member account) still works. But since all third party apps (Google) are authenticated with my account, those things are not working. But things authenticated, assuming with the classic method, are working (i.e. webCore).

Well… It’s all back now… Got me worked up that it all disappeared like that. :exploding_head:

it’s not show anything and device, can’t get my location

Yup that was how mine looked. It came back about 5 min ago.


Welcome to the cloud. I hope you have a lot of extra lives stored up. :wink:


Well in nearly 4 years, this is a first… I only panicked because of all the reports recently of big problems similar to this, but actually never coming back.

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Indeed. Two of my SmartThings units + app have the same behavior. Should I just wait? :grin: :roll_eyes:

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Yes. Every time something is all of sudden wrong with SmartThings (with no change on your part), it’s usually some cloud outage, and your best recourse is to just wait. Changing things won’t fix a cloud problem, and will likely make it worse for you when their cloud problem is fixed.

The best way to avoid this frustration is to move to a non-cloud solution. :wink:


In my case it worked, although I did soft reboot as well (in the IDE) but it didn’t appear to do anything it was about 15 mins later everything came back in the new app and integration with Google (a sure sign of an authentication or cloud issue, I wish the error messages were a little more descriptive).

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