Nothing showing as local as of today

So none of my routines that I know are local are not currently local. Most of them now don’t have the little local tick next to them, when they should

I know ST had an issue through the night as I got an email but I always thought if something runs locally on the hub it shouldn’t matter what issues they have on their end?

Take this for example. Basic routine that if my ST motion sensor temp goes above 20.1, switch off the ST plug. Always been local yet not now. More concerning is that this is attached to a little radiator and it never switched it off at all

What the heck. Why isn’t this local? It’s always been local. It’s a ST plug.

The Zigbee Metering Plug DTH doesn’t show any metadata indicating it can run locally so I’m a bit surprised that it ever did.

Really. I always assumed they were. At least it always has been, I’m sure, up to last night.